Africa: International Day of Peace

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The following 35 events in 23 African countries include those listed in Google during the week of September 21-28 under the key words “International day of peace” and “Journée internationale de la paix.” The events also include some listed on the facebook page for the International Cities of Peace.

About 50 events are listed on the maps of One Day One Choir and Montessori schools singing for peace, but there is no indication which took place this year and which took place only in previous years.

For events in North Africa see the page of events in the Arab States .

Celebration in Congo, Brazzaville

Here are excerpts from the articles.


As part of the International Day of Peace, the National Fund for the Development of Youth Activities, Sports and Leisure (Fndajsl) in collaboration with the Beninese National Olympic and Sports Committee (Cnos-Ben) organized a series of ‘activities concluded with two communications on the theme “The celebration of sport for development and peace”. This meeting brought together from September 25 to 26, 2020, at the Conference Hall of the Cotonou Sports Palace, the Beninese sports movement, journalists and civil society.


The United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA, commemorated the International Day of Peace with AfriYAN and Youth Networks for Sustainable Peace in Africa. The promoter of the event Fayçal Traoré, member of the structure promoting the dialogue framework, wants the discourse to change at the level of young people through this celebration. “The discourse is no longer that young people are a challenge, or even problems to be solved, but that young people are an opportunity for peace, and are essential players in matters of peace,” he comments.


An Audio report by Issaka Souleymane DIALLO (Journaliste/ RTB).


A video report by the Minister of National Solidarity of Social Affairs, Human Rights and Gender Imelde Sabushimike with a related statement. The theme for this year is “shaping peace together.”


Paul Biya – President of the Republic, endorsed the theme of this year’s commemoration, “Shaping peace together” and took the opportunity to promote and strengthen social cohesion and living together. Qualities on which Mounouna Foutsou – Minister of Youth and Civic Education returned this Monday, during the official ceremony organized in the political capital of Cameroon.


SHAPING PEACE TOGETHER, The Association for Community Awareness (ASCOA) joined the rest of the world to commemorate 2020 world peace day. A one day workshop with youths in the city of Buea, Cameroon.


To celebrate the International Day of Peace, the Department of Arts and Culture, the National Youth Council in partnership with the MINUSCA organized competitions for the benefit of young people allowing them to express themselves. The main objective of these competitions is to contribute to the consolidation of peace and the popularization of the APPR-RCA in this period of pandemic with covid19. The competitions which have for theme “Shaping your peace”, is open to young people from 10 to 25 years old who wish to express themselves through different production channels. Shape your peace through poetry, drawing, dance, art, storytelling, music, photography and comedy.


The coordinator of the peace and sustainable security program of the United Nations association of Chad made a statement on Monday on the occasion of the International Day of Peace which is celebrated around the world. According to Brahim Ramadan Mahamat, “It is more evident than ever that we are not enemies of each other. On the contrary, our common enemy is a tireless virus that threatens our health, our safety, and even our way of life. this is the Covid-19 virus. This is why the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has reminded to silence the guns and to focus on the fight against this pandemic” , adds the coordinator of the peace and sustainable security program of the association.


On September 21, World Day of Peace, the leaders of NGOs Unfpa and Afriyan-Comoros organized a conference based on peace in itself, peace and justice, and peace and Islam. According to the goals of the SDGs, peace occupies sixteenth place. “For sustainable development, peace occupies sixteenth place among the seventeen programs mentioned. That’s why we’re celebrating this international day of world peace, ”National Assembly Administrator David Palmer said.


The national coordinator of Associations and Civil Society Organizations for Peace (CONAP), Marlon Alouki Obouémbé affirmed on September 21 in Brazzaville that the forces of the nation should not only appropriate the notion of peace and make it a philosophy of life, but cultivate it because it constitutes the common thread of better living together. “We want to raise awareness among populations against violence for the simple reason that experience shows that in the Congo, each time electoral deadlines approach, the socio-political climate changes.” indicated Marlon Alouki Obouémbé, at the opening of a symposium held as part of the celebration of the 19th International Day of Peace.


In his capacity as representative of the Prime Minister, Adama Diawara, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, chaired on September 21, at the Félix Houphouët-Boigny Foundation in Yamoussoukro, the official celebration of the International Day of Peace .
To the young people, Adama Diawara explained that in “this pre-electoral period where certain speeches call to impose themselves by force, to destroy the gains”, they will have to reject violence in all its forms and especially avoid destroying the symbols of State.

On the occasion of the International Day of Peace, the Young Patriots consolidators of peace reflect Monday September 21, 2020 in Beni (North Kivu) on the contribution of youth in the maintenance and consolidation of peace in Beni. The challenges and the related solutions.


On the occasion of the celebration of the International Day of Peace, celebrated on September 21 of each year, seventy-five women’s civil society organizations unanimously formulated a joint declaration on the establishment of peace in the DRC.
“If men cannot come to an understanding to make peace, as women we can” is the sentence that sums up the joint declaration signed by these women’s organizations.


The International Day of Peace is celebrated every year on September 21 around the world. In the city of Goma, in North Kivu, citizen movements of committed artists Raiya Nasimama, decided to march in the street to protest against the insecurity characterized by massacres of civilians in the east of the country, particularly in the region. from Beni. According to Black Man Bausi, a committed artist from the city of Goma, this day is dedicated to peace and particularly in the province of North Kivu and its surroundings, which are facing a situation of growing insecurity. “We are in the street today because we organized a peace concert.”


On the sidelines of the international day of peace, in Kananga several related activities were organized, including the provincial youth council endowed diplomas of merit to five youth including an activist from the Lucha section of Kananga. During an interview granted to him by the editorial staff of, Albert Ngalamulume reassures that he has worked within the citizen movement fighting for change during the period of the Kamwina Nsapu atrocities “Since we joined the citizen movement, fighting for change during or after the kamwina nsapu atrocities, we have never stopped sending out the message of peace, carrying out awareness campaigns, participating in various radio broadcasts. to call the people who had their weapons in their hands to lay them down and make peace, we did this work three years ago ”declared Albert Ngalamulume at the microphone of the interview this late Sunday


The International Day of Peace is celebrated on September 21 of each year. In Kinshasa, Radio Okapi, through the magazine “Okapi Service”, produced a general public program on Saturday, September 19 in the promotion room of the Catholic University in Congo (UCC). Several personalities took part in this great meeting.  The UNESCO country representative, Jean-Pierre Ilbido, argued that the principles of peace are based on notions of tolerance and the absence of violence between citizens. Several students invited the competent authorities to work for the promotion of peace.  

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World Peace Foundation Celebrates the Interational Day of Peace. Here is a photo of our celebration of the International Day of Peace, along with excerpts from the ten-year report for our Foundation for 2010-2020.


The International Day of Peace. Taking advantage of this date of capital importance, the Synergy of peace journalists in the Great Lakes region, appealed to all communities in the DRC and the east to be able to live together peacefully to encourage the development of their communities. respective entities.”We are taking advantage of this important day to ask all communities to live in peaceful coexistence because nothing is possible without living together as children of the same father and the same mother. We have been going through difficult times for a long time, for lack of love and affection, “said Paulin Munyagala, coordinator of this Synergy of Peace Journalists who is part of the CongoForum editorial staff. This organization of around ten journalists involved in peacebuilding wants eastern DRC to become an oasis of peace where people live together in peace for the development of their region. Paulin himself has been involved for the past three years in building peace in his region.


The African Union celebrated the International Day of Peace 2020 with a video conference, Youth as agents for Silencing the Guns and Shaping Peace


As part of the commemoration of the International Day of Peace, celebrated this year under the theme “Shaping peace together”. . . a video conference was dedicated to peace issues and security. During this high-level meeting, the Sub-Regional Representative of UNESCO, PAYNCOP Gabon invited the various organizations to strengthen the capacities of local actors in awareness raising, preventive diplomacy, mediation and peaceful resolution of crises and conflicts.


Statement from Taran Diallo, Minister of National Unity and Citizenship: The International Day of Peace is celebrated in Guinea in the context of the preparations for the presidential election of October 18, 2020: it is an important moment in the consolidation of our democratic process. In doing so, our words, behaviors and attitudes must contribute to the establishment of a peaceful climate in order to allow everyone to participate in this historic choice.


Dandora Kenya International cities of Peace will share peace together with orphans and widows on 21 September 2020, international peace day. The day will start with a simple peace match within Dandora with peace messages then settle in a spacious hall for a meal. @$10 a widow or an orphan can have a meal. Your peace message or a meal support shall proudly be shared.


A cache of crude weapons recovered in the volatile Narok South Sub-County were set ablaze Monday as part of celebrations to mark the International Peace Day. The assortment of weapons which included about 6,000 quivers, arrows, bows and spears had been confiscated by the Narok County Security Committee following the ethnic altercations between members of two communities living in the area. The event was graced by legislators from the Senate and National Assembly committee as well as members of the National Cohesion and Equal Opportunity as well as the National Cohesion and Integration Committee (NCIC) who took the chance to root for peace amongst members of the warring communities.


This Monday, September 21 marks the International Day of Peace. The theme chosen for this 2020 Day is Shaping Peace Together. Fatoumata Maiga, president of the Association of Women for Peace Initiatives answers Assa Sakiliba’s microphone


NGOs in the Rose-Belle region are mobilizing for the country. Shaping peace together. This is the theme chosen this year for the International Day of Peace. A theme that could not have come at a better time with all the unfortunate events that the country has experienced in recent weeks. Artist and social worker Alain Auriant added his personal touch.  “There is a great need for peace in Mauritius and in the whole world. We are organizing activities for this day to show that we are united among NGOs. ” Alain Auriant advances.


Yesterday (21.09.20), the MASC Foundation, through its Civic Incubator initiative, organized in Pemba a round table to discuss the contribution of local actors in the process of building sustainable peace and social cohesion in the context of armed attacks and religious radicalism in Cabo Delgado. Religious, academic, and youth leaders were present. The date is celebrated at a time when Mozambique is being plagued by successive armed attacks in the center and north of the country. The general understanding resulting from the roundtable is that peace and social cohesion are still a challenge because the process of building the Mozambican state has always been marked by violence and, to end this violence, we must create conditions of dialogue for the construction of a culture of peace based on socialization institutions. The celebration / reflection also featured the performance of the band Ikwazuni, which recently released the album Mocambique Yethu- Stop extremist violence!


The Association of Journalists for Security and Migrants (AJSEM Niger) organized, this Monday, September 21, 2020 in the Conference Room of the Maison de la Presse in Niamey, an information meeting and discussions on defense and security issues.
Around the theme “What type of collaboration between FDS and media actors in a context of multifaceted security crisis”, this meeting is organized as part of the celebration of the International Day of Peace. In opening this meeting, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Maison de la Presse, Mr. Ibrahim Harouna, first remarked that “our country and the African sub-region have been confronted for several years to multiple security challenges ”, stressing that“ several hotbeds of tension are active in particular in the North with the Libyan hearth, in the North-West the situation in Mali, in the East the Boko Haram group ”.


Poster for International Cities of Peace: Ilorin, Nigeria. Shaping Peace Together. Written by Dr. Biola Adimula, Centre for Peace and Strategic Studies, University of Ilorin.


SEARCH FOR COMMON GROUP, a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in conjunction with LEKEH DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION host the International Peace Day at the Ultramodern Town Hall, Kaani community. A wonderful event organized to preach, educate and orientate the leaders of Bua Kaani community on the importance of peace. HRH Mene G. B. Apere, the Community Development Committee (CDC) Chairman, the Elite president , Youth president, the Kaani Students Union president, Clergymen and women leader attends the programme to discus everlasting peace.


The Beau Vallon secondary school celebrated the International Peace Day on Monday September 21 with a ‘Peace Road Race’. The head teacher of the school, Phillip Morel, noted that on Monday morning they had a short, simple assembly with messages of peace from teachers. To complete the event, some of the talented drummers from the school along with Marie Chantal composed and performed a moutya song on peace.


To mark Peace Day yesterday, the International Day for Peace Committee organised a tree-planting activity in collaboration with six renowned local peace poets and the ‘Zanfan Losean EZ’ Association. They planted 21 coconut trees in the vicinity of the waterfront café and they all wore a white shirt/top. The theme for the event was ‘My Sustainable Tree’ and it was inaugurated by the Mayor of Victoria, David Andre.


RE:21 SEPT INTERNATIONAL WORLD PEACE DAY 2020 KARIAKOO UHURU PARK ZANZIBAR. Dear all friends in peace. We greet you all in True Peace & Solidarity. My name is Ali Mussa Mwadini and I am the Founder of our Organization, and currently voluntarily working as Executive Secretary & Peace Activist and Founder of Zanzibar City of Peace Clubs Project. Our Organization Zanzibar Peace, Truth & Transparency Association (ZPTTA NGO), is committed to the promotion of True Culture of Peace (Positive Peace) & peace related issues, via increased negotiation, reconciliation and dialogue. Find attached photos of world peace day 2020


The Committee for Reflection and Action for the Promotion of Human Rights (CRAPH) intends to commemorate the International Day of Peace on September 21 through a discussion and discussion. The meeting, which is being held at the organization’s headquarters in Lomé, will bring together the board of directors of this human rights association and its members around the theme “Shaping peace together”.


Three women’s organizations (REPSFECO, ROAJLEF and GTFJPS-AOS) are delighted with the efforts made by States to maintain peace in the sub-region. On the occasion of the celebration of the International Day of Peace, they invite the governments of the community space to redouble their vigilance for the maintenance and consolidation of peace. They also salute all the actors involved in an effective commitment to peace. Read the full statement below.


Video for International Day of Peace from the Uganda Muslim Youth Development Forum