Guadalajara, Mexico: Online Diploma of Culture of Peace


An article from the Government of Guadalajara (translation by CPNN)

The Municipal President of Guadalajara, Ismael Del Toro Castro, has inaugurated an online Diploma of Culture of Peace and Civil Society Organizations: Paradigms, Innovation and Contemporary Action.

“It is very important today, on the subject of the culture of peace, that we can all be in this training process, in the new reality that is going to present itself in our environment and that forces governments and civil society to be even more closely linked on the subject of culture of peace, ”said the mayor of Guadalajara.

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Questions for this article:

How can culture of peace be developed at the municipal level?

Is there progress towards a culture of peace in Mexico?

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The objective of this online diploma course is to professionally train the members of Civil Society Organizations in the field of a culture of peace, in order to address the social problems that mainly affect vulnerable groups.

For her part, the councilor Rocío Aguilar Tejada, said that the diploma “will give us the necessary elements so that all the actions are aimed at achieving peace and thereby generate well-being for the people of Guadalajara.”

“The most important thing is what can be done in the various neighborhoods and districts, according to the new reality where we must work virtually. Above all, we must build peace in the neighborhoods and within the civilian associations”, said the Secretary General of the Guadalajara City Council, Víctor Manuel Sánchez.

José Carlos Izaguirre, coordinator and representative of the Consultative Council of Civil Society Organizations for Human Development, and Ernesto Samuel Rea, president of the Jalisco Bar Association, were also present at the opening of the event, carried out by electronic means.