US  Conference of Mayors’ 2020 Vision for America: A Call to Action


Excerpts from the website of The United States Conference of Mayors

As the leading voice of America’s cities, The U.S Conference of Mayors is uniquely qualified to recommend a strategic vision for America. Since its founding in 1932, the Conference remains the place where America’s mayors – Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike – come together in a collegial, cooperative, bipartisan manner to get things done.

The mayors of cities of all sizes, across all regions and all manner of demographic and socio-economic composition, are working side-by-side to solve problems, improve conditions, and create and catalyze positive change for the people we all serve.

Our Mayors’ 2020 Vision for America: A Call to Action platform of 12 priorities is organized under the Conference’s bipartisan focus on Infrastructure, Innovation and Inclusion. Together they represent a positive way forward.

* Protect and Advance Human and Civil Rights

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How can culture of peace be developed at the municipal level?

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* Re-imagine and Modernize the Nation’s Transportation Infrastructure

* Invest in America’s Water and Wastewater Systems

* Address Climate Change by Accelerating Clean Energy Use

* Embrace Efficient, Effective Modern Technology While Protecting Consumers and Cities

* Strengthen Education, Improve Schools, and Build the Workforce of the Future

* Join with Mayors and Police Chiefs to Support Public Safety for All

* Fix our Broken Immigration System

* Make Housing More Affordable and End Homelessness

* Guarantee Access to Affordable, Quality Healthcare and Critical Human Services

* Rewrite the Tax Code to Help Hardworking Taxpayers and Reduce Economic Inequality

* Promote American Exports, Fair Trade, and International Tourism