#NousToutes : Tens of thousands march in Paris to condemn violence against women


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Tens of thousands of people demonstrated Saturday in Paris and other cities in France to say “stop” to sexual and sexual violence and feminicide. Among other personalities present in the procession, actresses Alexandra Lamy and Muriel Robin, as well as former minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem claim more resources to the government.

The demonstration at the call of feminist collective #NousToutes started on Saturday, November 23, from the Place de l’Opera towards the Nation. Tens of thousands of women and men have broken the streets in Paris – 49,000 according to the firm Occurrence working for a media collective – but also in other cities in France, to say “stop” to gender-based violence and sexual.

According to the feminist collective #NousToutes, the thirty or so marches organized in France brought together “150,000 people”, including “100,000 in Paris”.

“This is the biggest step in the history of France against violence” sexist and sexual, welcomed one of the organizers Caroline De Haas, in a message to the media.

Outside Paris, police or prefectures counted 5,500 demonstrators in Lyon, 2,000 in Rennes, 1,650 in Strasbourg and 1,000 in Bordeaux.

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“We need a billion euros”

In the purple tide of the Parisian procession were mingled anonymous, organizations and political parties (family planning, CGT, CFDT, EELV, LFI, PS, Unef, PCF, SOS homophobia), but also many personalities including the former minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem. “It is urgent to listen to the associations,” she said at the microphone of Alexandra Renard, France 24 journalist present in the event. “When they ask for money, it is because they know that we need to finance emergency housing, psychological support for women and children, we need justice to be better. equipped to move the files forward more quickly, “she adds.

Noting the presence of many children and young adults, the former Minister of National Education – who was also Minister of Women’s Rights from 2012 to 2014 – evokes a “real awareness”, which should have already taken place in 2017 in the wake of the #MeToo movement. “That was not the case, that’s why the street is grappling with this problem now to tell the government ‘we need a billion euros’, it’s a figure that takes into account these victims, those dying women and their children who are barely followed psychologically then. ”

At his side, the actress Alexandra Lamy also participates in the march. In his right hand, a sign says “I believe you, you are not for nothing”. “We hope that the state will provide the means for women to feel listened to, welcomed, and especially to tell them that we are here,” she told our reporter, before calling back the number for women victims of violence, 3919.

“The deal is changed because we are many and numerous, but we must already apply the law,” says meanwhile humorist Muriel Robin. “The Council of Europe has pointed out ‘There are huge shortcomings, things that should be done and not done’, she adds, ‘what are we being told?’ ”

The one who played Jacqueline Sauvage on screen is demanding results. “It falls every two days! Our sisters, our colleagues, our friends, our mother … It is no longer possible, they are assassinations!”

“We have not reached the end yet”

“This is a phenomenon that crosses all our societies and we are more or less advanced, from one country to another, in the repression of this phenomenon,” said Najat Vallaud-Belkacem. “France is not the worst in this area, we have adopted many laws that allow better protection