Chile: declaration of “World without Wars and Violence”


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No sociologist or politician could predict what was coming after long years of a neoliberal system that has imposed economic violence on the people, but that as steam inside a pressure cooker, an unstoppable alienation was accumulating, and it exploded with the student protest against the increase in price for the Metro..

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It is undoubtedly due to the failed economic, political and social model that doesn’t work any more. It is violent and intrinsically perverse. It generates tremendous income inequalities, it cannot provide decent wages for the majority of the population. It generates ambition and greed that pervert and corrupt everyone, even the most honest. Its educational system tends to create highly competitive ambitious technocrats that lack the most fundamental civic values ​​of respect, solidarity and fraternity that are needed in every society.

Like any social explostion, the violence occurred inexorably with the sequel of looting and arson that we have all witnessed, mainly against the detonating agent, the Metro, but also against numerous supermarkets and retail stores.

Probably this same social phenomenon would have occurred with the New Majority or any other government that did not commit to ending the unacceptable inequality. It is the entire political system, the way of doing politics that is violent and discriminative, that is totally discredited before the citizens. It is a cumulative phenomenon that was waiting to explode.

However, this social assault is being co-opted by anarcho-violentists who threaten to burn everything until they leave no stone on stone. Behind them comes the lumpen proletariant that takes advantage of the chaos to loot and to steal while posing as legitimate protesters. And surprisingly, after them come the exploited, who, shamelessly and without being declared criminals, join the looting mob to steal like seasoned thieves. It shows that there are more thieves than we believe and it confirms the saying that it is the opportunity that makes the thief. We need to find ways to defend against these elements that discredit and generate legitimate rejection in public opinion.

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Question for this article:

Can peace be guaranteed through nonviolent means?

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The people do not want violence. They are fed up with it. They are beginning to feel fear and insecurity. They rage against the vandals and looters that invade their neighborhoods and shops that supply the essential goods for their livelihood. This fear and insecurity is shared by large and small merchants who no longer dare to open their businesses for fear of looting in broad daylight with the open premises.

The declaration of a State of Emergency and with it the military control of public security, with the curfew as a corollary, was the response of a government that was despaerate. Perhaps it was necessary to contain the violence, but it is repudiated by the population, especially those who lived the darkest periods of the civil-military dictatorship.

Our organization, “World without Wars and without Violence,” understands the dynamics of this social expression as a result of so many years of abuse and corruption of practically all social sectors. But even if the situation of violence is coming to stay, it is necessary to decrease it in frequency and intensity.

Faced with this violent scenario, “World without Wars and without Violence” declares absolutely necessary a comprehensive National Agreement that includes all political and social sectors in an environment of respect, humility and generosity, setting aside all personal and institutional egos, and commiting to carry out the necessary reforms. These include a New Constitution to ensure satisfactory levels of equality, a new pension system that provides decent pensions, an educational reform to be truly free and to form true citizens and a health system that prevents diseases and treats them as soon as they occur. All these social policies should be aimed at the welfare of the people and should not be allowed to become a business that only pursues profit.

“World without Wars and without Violence” advocates Active Nonviolence as a legitimate form of struggle for which it is necessary to avoid all acts of vandalism that pollute and discredit legitimate social mobilization. The non-violent mobilizations that have been seen in our capital are an example of that struggle that is approved and shared by the entire population. These activities should be strongly encouraged to achieve an environment of social cohesion, recognition and tolerance for the other, no matter what differences they may have.

If, after this legitimate protest and a broad national agreement, the social policies are not radically modified, the next step would be a general strike, not with marches or other expressions that can be contaminated by violence, but with civil disobedience against laws and regulations that are clearly unfair. We need expressions that do not require noise or fanfare or insults or disqualifications for anyone, in a framework of full respect for everyone and everything.

All for the good of Chile and its people, “World without Wars and without Violence.”