Mexico: Culture of Peace with alternative justice strengthened in Guadeloupe


An article from Posta (translation by CPNN)

With the goal of spreading alternative justice mechanisms for the solution of problems in schools, families and communities, the Government of Guadalupe headed by Mayor Cristina Díaz has signed an agreement with the International Republican Institute.

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Discussion question

Restorative justice, What does it look like in practice?

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The Mayor of Guadalupe and Máximo Zaldivar, Resident Director of the International Republican Institute, signed the collaboration agreement with representatives of the Judicial Branch of Nuevo León and municipal officials.

During her speech, Díaz Salazar highlighted the commitment of the municipal administration to resolve conflicts through dialogue in a peaceful manner, always according to the principles of justice and a culture of peace.

“It is important not only to establish this mechanism but to spread it in all places as a solution for families that sometimes live with conflict, as a solution in schools and in our commnities,” said the Municipal President.

She added that with the implementation of this project, communication workshops, justice training and the dissemination strategies will be provided, which will allow a continuous improvement of criminal justice.

“For us it is very important to achieve the signing of this agreement with the International Republican Institute where many areas of the public service of the administration are involved. What we seek is a culture of peace in our municipality,” added Díaz Salazar.