Chad: Women’s Ministry salutes community peace initiatives


An article from Al Wihda (translated by CPNN)

The Minister of Women, Early Childhood Protection and National Solidarity, Dr. Djallal Ardjoune Khalil, received in audience on Monday, the delegation of the National Union of Young Professionals for Consultation and Peaceful Coexistence (UNJCP), led by its secretary-general, Sidick Sougui Lony.

The exchange between the minister and the delegation focused on peace, the disarmament of the civilian population and peaceful relations between the different communities of the province of Ouaddaï.

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UNJCP Secretary General Sidick Sougui Lony briefly explained to the Minister the merits of the UNJCP mission in Ouaddaï province.

“We are working in Abeche to promote the culture of peace. We call on our civilian brothers to lay down their arms because it is useless for a civilian to own a weapon, “said Sidick Sougui Lony.

The minister congratulated UNJCP for this noble and patriotic initiative. She went on to point out that peace is an inestimable wealth. According to the minister, without peace, no society can evolve.

In addition, the Minister of Women, Child Protection and National Solidarity, Dr. Djallal Ardjoune Khalil urged the UNJCP to move forward in its quest for a united, strong and prosperous Chad . The ministry undertakes to accompany the National Union of Young Professionals for consultation and peaceful coexistence in all its actions.

The two sides agreed to combine joint efforts to intensify advocacy for peace and peaceful coexistence.