Mexico: Inauguration of the II Global Forum of Culture of Peace, in CUCEA


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“Public policies to counter violence have not met the needs of society, so we need to promote peace in each neighborhood and neighborhood through workshops, so that the population is aware of strategies that can lead to peace,” according to the President of the National Commission for the Culture of Peace Mexico (Comnapaz), teacher Hiram Valdez Chávez.

He said it is necessary to support communities of development and peace, as well as strengthen the network of civil organizations to transform violence. He added that society has to commit to work for peace by means of non-formal education.

The foregoing was emphasized by him during his participation in the inaugural ceremony of the II Global Forum of Culture of Peace, which takes place on Monday, October 21 and until Wednesday, October 23, at the University Center for Administrative Economic Sciences (CUCEA), of the UdeG.

The forum, which involves 120 national and foreign participants from countries including Canada, Spain, Italy, Argentina and Colombia,will develop topics such as: Education for peace; Environment and peace; Human rights; Security, and how citizens can organize themselves to favor the culture of peace.

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The forum was opened by the rector of CUCEA, Luis Gustavo Padilla Montes, who highlighted the importance of promoting a culture of peace, security and prevention, through research and linking with society by the UdeG.

“In the name of peace, atrocities have been committed; therefore, we must understand, integrate, heal and activate peace as a verb, to be a beacon of light on this issue,” said the International President of the Global Citizen Agency for the Culture of Peace, Norman Bardavid Nissin.

He explained that peace is the state of being in unity and, therefore, the north of the compass is to be unity in the individual, social and environmental perspective.

“That is, consider that we are all part of three dimensions: man, humanity and planet, and these must be included in the education system, so that the student knows how to be a contribute as a couple, family, neighborhood, municipality, nation, planet and humanity,” he stressed.

This forum is expected to attend 300 people among students, social leaders, activists, civil organizations and universities in Jalisco and states including Michoacán, Querétaro and Mexico City.

From Jalisco there are participants from Puerto Vallarta, Ocotlán and municipalities of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (AMG), among other cities.

The forum is organized by Comnapaz, Mesa de Paz Jalisco; and is promoted by the UdeG, through CUCEA.

The 2019 Peace Prize was presented at the ceremony. Among the winners are: Verónica Hurtado López, an academic from the University Center for Social Sciences and Humanities (CUCSH); Juan Antonio González Mora, Municipal President of Tonalá and graduate from this House of Study, and Blas Sergio Jasso Hinojosa, academic of the University Center of Health Sciences (CUCS).