Guinea: Wanep and partners promote peace and development


An article from Guinee 360 (translation by CPNN)

“Peace at the center of development in the Republic of Guinea” is the theme of a press conference held this Saturday, October 19, 2019 in Conakry.

This is an initiative of the Catholic Organization for Human Advancement (OCPH), in collaboration with Wanep-Guinea, funded by USAID, for a period of two years, a project entitled: “Cultural Cohesion Project for Peace and Prosperity”.

The objective of this project, according to its coordinator, is to enable communities in Conakry and the interior of the country to develop a culture of peace and to achieve greater prosperity.

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How can we develop the institutional framework for a culture of peace?

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“It is designed for citizens to strengthen social cohesion within and between ethnic groups,” said Moïse Bangoura.

The Wanep-Guinea representative at the meeting listed some of the flagship actions carried out by this project: “Through this project we have achieved some results. We conducted capacity building activities for multi-actor platforms. We also strengthen the capacity of local elected and appointed authorities. Because one of the observations we have made in our country it takes the state a lot of time to manage conflicts that impede development,” said Boubacar Mansaré

The PM of the cultural cohesion project for peace and prosperity has focused his intervention on the socio-political crisis that Guinea is going through: Jonas Mamadi Kamano recalls that OCPH, CRS and Wanep are not activist organizations, but they tackle the root causes of conflict by doing analysis, research and proposing solutions.

“Before there is a crisis, from the signals we try to do some in-depth analysis and we make recommendations. We tell the different actors what to do so that the conflict does not blow up,” he explains.

Outreach and training are also strategies provided by this project to limit the damage in Guinea.