Protection of human rights and peace in Cameroon: The international association Kofi Annan is engaged


An article by Marcel Ndi from Agence Cameroun Presse (translation by CPNN)

The Kofi Annan International Association has just presented the project to the press in Bafoussam, an activity that will be launched in the next few days.

Indeed, the Project “237- Peace and Good Governance”, is a new concept of the International Kofi Annan Association for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights and Peace. It is a Support Program for Restoration, Peacebuilding and Improvement of Local Governance in Cameroon.

According to Dr Serges Mboumegne, president of this association, speaking to the media in Bafoussam, the project will extend over 12 months with two components: support for the contribution of households to the construction of sustainable families in Cameroon, and capacity building for local elected representatives and local populations for effective participation in local governance.

With the support of the Civil and Political Rights Network of Cameroon, the program will be implemented in the regions of the West, North-West and South-West Cameroon with the relocation of certain programmed activities in the English-speaking areas in Bafoussam region of West in case of high security risk.

As a reminder, the International Kofi Annan Association’s mission is to work for the promotion and protection of human rights and peace with a view to contributing to the construction of a sustainable rule of law and respectful of the full respect of human values.

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Contribute to the eradication of violence against children and women;

Disseminate international and national instruments in the field of human rights and peace;

Reduce cases of human rights violations;

Contribute to the respect of the rights of the elderly and to the integration of disabled people;

Promote the culture of peace

Advocate for youth participation in public policy development;

Reduce individual and collective conflicts at work;

Contribute to the improvement of the situation of detained persons;

Support sustainable development policies;

Denounce cases of flagrant violations of human rights;

Provide legal advice and legal assistance;

Contribute to the fight against corruption;

Contribute to the promotion of democratic practices.


Support peace initiatives

Encourage actions for integration

Encourage mediation

Call for compliance with international commitments on Human Rights and Peace.