Guatemala: SEPAZ Graduates 82 ‘Multipliers of Peace’


An article from Guatemala Radio TGW (translation by CPNN)

The Secretariat of Peace (SEPAZ), through the distance mode of the School of Culture of Peace, organized the virtual course “My Peace Project” with the aim of encouraging participants in the values ​​of a culture of peace and non-violence.

SEPAZ executed three levels of training; in the first level, the conduct, values ​​and traditions of peace established in other countries were determined in reference to the Peace Agreements; at the second level, peace mechanisms were established; and on the third level, the creativity of the participants was engaged to form a culture of peace project.

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Where is peace education taking place?

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The requirements for the people who participated in the virtual course “My Peace Project” were the following:

– Have completed the Virtual Diploma of Culture of Peace.
– Interest in generating proposals in favor of coexistence in Culture of Peace.
– Knowledge in the use of technology.
– The commitment to seek to carry out the Project Proposal.
– A minimum degree of empathy with others.
– Desire to get involved in the development of activities for peace.

Recognition to the «Multipliers of Peace»

During the closing ceremony Rigoberto Casasola, Deputy Secretary of Peace, presented the diplomas to the Peacemakers that culminated the virtual course “My Peace Project”, which lasted three months.

The project involved 82 people, including 55 women and 27 men in the age range of 18 to 61 years of age.

Mr. Andrés Chipix obtained the highest rating. He expressed his happiness upon receiving recognition from Casasola.

The Deputy Secretary of Peace highlighted the importance of these courses to form a “culture of peace” in Guatemalan society and to discourage recourse to violence.