The best images from school strikes around the world


An article by Jill Russo in Climate Change News

Young people hit the streets on Friday [May 24] in the latest mass demonstration instigated by the Fridays For Future  movement.

With marches in more than 1,400 cities and more than 110 countries, organisers predicted the attendance will surpass 1.4 million they say came to the global action in March.

Social feeds have filled up with images of schoolkids and supporters of all ages demonstrating all around the world.
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Student strikers in the Philippines on Friday (Photo: Twitter/@aghamyouth_pup)

In Germany, young activists hit the streets in the northern town of Kiel… (Photo: Twitter/@KristianBlasel)

In Syria, a student crowd hoisted a banner and did some street clean-up in the border town of Qamislo…(Photo: Twitter/@GreenRojava)

In South Korea, striking students walked the streets in Seoul…(Photo: Twitter/@SylarPark2001)

In New Zealand, a mass of people flooded into a city centre (we’re not sure which one)…(Photo: Twitter/@MikeHudema)

In India, young people showed up to demonstrate in Delhi, banner emblazoned with the Extinction Rebellion symbol…(Photo: Twitter/@Johnpauljos)

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Are we seeing the dawn of a global youth movement?

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In Italy, climate protesters thronged the streets of Milan… (Photo: Twitter/@FYEG)

and in the German city of Cologne the medieval cathedral was swamped… (Photo: Twitter/@FFF_Koeln)

In Uganda, students prepped placards and posters before the strike…. (Photo: Twitter/@Fridays4FutureU)

In Ireland, a teacher led her class down the street early Friday morning…(Photo: Twitter/@gold_Igold)

In Washington D.C., streets rang with calls for climate action, despite the sitting president’s position…(Photo: Twitter/@ValentinaOssa11)

And in Stockholm, the girl who started it all, Greta Thunberg, is on the march for the 40th week in a row. But she’s not alone anymore…(Photo: Twitter/@GretaThunberg)

(Photo: Twitter/@GretaThunberg)

[Editor’s note: To complete the cycle of actions on all continents, see the following for photos from Chile and Mexico and from Brazil.]