Gilets Jaunes [Yellow Vests]: the “contagion” has reached 22 countries in the World !! The media silence is deafening …


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The French media are careful not to broach this subject: the movement of the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) is being taken up all over the world: in Europe, in Africa, in America, in Asia … To counter (at my small level) this media silence , I propose you a “world tour of the Gilets Jaunes” …

Pic19-009 LAHORE: Dec19 Engineers protesting for their demand at irrigation office. ONLINE PHOTO by Malik Sajjad

In Taiwan, the League for Tax and Legal Reform (which has been fighting since December 2016 for tax justice), organized a Gilets Jaunes march on December 19th. In Taipei (capital of Taiwan), more than 10,000 protesters answered the call
(Source: Taïwan News)

In Bulgaria, anti-government protesters started wearing yellow vests as early as 16 November (Source: LCI)

In Canada, Gilets Jaunes from Alberta and the provinces of Saskatchewan are protesting the government carbon tax and the recent signing of a migration pact( Source: CTV News)

In Croatia, on December 15, 2018, Yellow Vests demonstrated in Zagreb, Pula and Rijeka (Source:

In Egypt, a lawyer was arrested for 15 days after publishing a photo of himself wearing a yellow vest to support protests in France (Source: Jerusalem Post). The sale of yellow vests has even been banned in Egypt !!( Source: The Guardian)

In Germany, Gilets Jaunes protested in front of the Brandenburg Gate and Munich (Source: Spiegel)

In Hungary, thousands of Gilets Jaunes have protested the Orban government in the streets of Budapest ( Source: Le Monde)

In Iraq, on December 5th, Gilets Jaunes demonstrated in Basra to get more job opportunities and better public services. The government fired on the demonstrators with live ammunition (Source: NBC News)

In Israel, economic uncertainty and corruption led to a gathering of Gilets Jaunes in Tel Aviv on Dec. 14 (Source: Jerusalem Post)

In Italy, the Gilets Jaunes inspired a pro-government but anti-European movement: “We are inspired by the French Gilets Jaunes, but we are motivated by other issues. Unlike the French, we support our government. We protest against Europe. We want Europe to no longer interfere with Italian politics.” (Source: The Guardian)

In Jordan, protesters critical of the country’s economic situation began to don yellow vests as protests spread outside the capital (Source: The National)

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In the Netherlands, on 1 December, Gilets Jaunes demonstrated in Dutch cities. New demonstrations took place on 8 December, during which peaceful protesters passed through Rotterdam ( Source: NL Times)

In Pakistan, hundreds of engineers organized a day of protest in Lahore wearing yellow vests (see photo above) (Source: Pakistan Today)

In Poland, December 12, a group of farmers blocked the A2 motorway
30 kilometers from Warsaw, claiming compensation for the pigs they were forced to slaughter (due to African swine fever) and protesting against the importation of untagged Ukrainian agricultural products from their country of origin. Agriculture Minister Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski met with protesters to explain that the government would meet all their demands ( Source: New York Times)

In Portugal, on 21 December 2018, a gathering of Gilets Jaunes was organized under the slogan “Vamos Parar Portugal”, which translates roughly to “Stop Portugal” ( Source: Euronews)

In Russia, on December 23, 2018, protesters wore yellow vests at a rally against the increase in parking fees in Moscow (Source: Kommersant)

In Serbia, a civil rights organization “Združena akcija Krov nad glavom” (translation: combined action, a roof over the head) began to wear yellow vests in their demonstrations to oppose expulsion of a resident of Mirijevo district in Belgrade and to show solidarity and a common cause with the movement of French Gilets Jaunes (Source: N1 Info)

In Tunisia, a derivative group, the Gilets Rouge (“Red Vests”), appeared on Facebook, calling for protests against the country’s economic situation(Source: Independent)

The symbol of yellow vests was also used by protesters in the UK, Sweden and Greece (Source: BBC)

In Belgium, the “Gilets Jaunes” movement has been very active for one month.
Riot police in Brussels were hit by billiard balls and cobblestones on 30 November. They fought back with water cannons. 60 arrests were made for public disorder(Source: Mercury News)

Several oil depots were blocked in Wallonie on November 16, 2018 ( Source: Le Monde). Some Belgian Gilets Jaunes have started to form a political party for the Belgian federal elections planned in 2019 under the name of “Mouvement citoyen belge” (Source: Le Soir)

On December 8, protesters demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Charles Michel tried to cross a riot fence. Police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the protesters. Protesters threw stones, flares and other items on the police, Hundreds of protesters were arrested (Source: Belfast Telegraph)

The media are careful not to talk about this global contagion of the “Gilets Jaunes” phenomenon. This is to avoid motivating even more Gilets Jaunes in France !! Charge to us to circulate this information

(Thank you to Kiki Chauvin, the CPNN reporter for this article.)