The Paris Peace Forum November 11-13, 2018


Press Kit of Paris Peace Forum


International tensions are increasing at a time where solutions to global challenges are urgently needed. With these issues in mind, the Paris Peace Forum aims to bring together all actors of global governance to strengthen multilateralism and international cooperation.

The Paris Peace Forum will convene political and numerous civil society actors as well as all those involved in the research and application of these global challenges (i.e. global warming, destabilization of the internet, armed conflicts etc.).

Actors from civil society, regional and international organizations leaders, Heads of State and Government will be among the participants. The Paris Peace Forum will provide all attendees with the opportunity to have an open dialogue

Regarding the content and the format, the Paris Peace Forum is neither a summit nor a conventional international conference.

The Paris Peace Forum places at its heart innovative solutions to current governance challenges.

One hundred years after the end of the First World War, the Paris Peace Forum recalls the fact that there is an urgency to act; this will require concrete action, free speech and dialogue between all actors.

120 concrete solutions to today’s problems

The Paris Peace Forum focuses on those who seek to implement concrete actions to today’s challenges. 850 initiatives were audited by the Selection Committee; 120 projects were selected and will be presented at the Paris Peace Forum.

The presence of all traditional actors of governance

105 countries were invited. More than 60 Heads of State and Government have confirmed their participation. States are obviously a key part of the solution and their presence is necessary at such a forum. However, their attendance at a meeting with such a format will be unique in the sense that there will be direct meetings between Heads of State and project leaders.

In addition to States, representatives from various international and multilateral institutions will be present at the Paris Peace Forum; e.g. the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the IMF Director, the WTO Director, the President of the World Bank. Numerous multilateral organizations will also be present, including those based in Paris (OECD, UNESCO, OIF, IEA etc.). Their presence shows that this initiative complements existing actors and initiatives.

Cross-cutting themes

The Paris Peace Forum is organized around 5 themes: peace and security, environment, development, inclusive economy, new technologies. The challenges we face are not concerned with sectoral constraints: the Paris Peace Forum takes note of this.

An original program

Heads of State and Government will speak simultaneously during the first day in several spaces at the venue and in various configurations. One speaker may make a plea or give a masterclass, several speakers may be involved in round-tables or have discussions – an innovative format for such a high level meeting.

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All participants will be able to take part in the controversial debates. The formats of the debates (Fishbowl, Brainstorm, Conversation, Vote) respond to a need for frankness and simplicity in the way in providing answers to the highlighted challenges.

Finally, a hackathon on financial data transparency will to mobilize collective intelligence in the fields of computer, economics or social sciences around global governance and financial data transparency issues


After a call for projects that was resulted in almost 900 submissions in the summer, 120 projects were selected to be presented in Paris this autumn. The project leaders of the selected solutions for governance will not present their projects in the conventional way that is observed at conferences. Instead, they will be at the center of the event, which will be conceived as a ‘global village of action’. The project inventors will represent a community of actors engaged in the search and the application for concrete solutions.

Creating international and inter-project synergies

The Space for Solutions at the Paris Peace Forum will convene all the inventors of the selected projects from 42 countries and 10 international organizations. Within this space, the inventors will be able to present their solution to the participants, and address any questions about them

A web application to create dialogue between all participants

The web application of the event will enable stakeholders to interact in order to band together and learn from each other before and during the Paris Peace Forum.

10 projects supported in thelong term

The Forum is focused on the long term. The idea is not just to highlight the initiatives, but to strengthen and support them in their growth and implementation. A monitoring committee composed of experts will follow 10 of the 120 projects presented in Paris from 11 to 13 November for the period of one year.

Listening to the needs of key actors in the field

Prior to the Forum, a study will be conducted on the expectations of the project leaders, so as to offer the best possible experience.

Examples of the governance solutions that will be presented at the Paris Peace Forum

Tax Inspectors Without Borders by OECD – Inclusive economy . . .

Climate Resilient Zero-Budget Natural Farming in Adhra Pradesh by Rythu Sadhikara Samstha – Develpment / India . . .

Antarctica 2020 by Ocean Unite – Environment / Costa Rica . . .

Paris Call for Digital Peace Principles by Microsoft – New technologies / USA . . .

Partnership for Regional Ocean Governance by IDDRI – Environment / France . . .

The World Benchmarking Alliance by Indiex Initiative – Inclusive economy / The Netherlands . . .


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Composition of the Steering Committee . . .

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