The UNESCO Chair and the UTPL promote the training of peace managers for Peru, Colombia and Ecuador


An article from La Conversación (translation by CPNN)

Through the intervention and support of the UNESCO Chair of Culture and Education for Peace at UTPL, on June 27, 2018 an agreement was signed between the Private Technical University of Loja (UTPL) and UNESCO Quito that will allow the strengthening of education programs so that the future managers of the peace can act from a sensitive perspective to fight against conflict and violence.

130 students and teachers from institutions of higher education and networks for peace, from Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, met in Loja with the aim of strengthening the skills of young leaders on issues related to the construction of environments without violence.

From June 27 to 29, 2018, the First Training Program for Culture of Peace Managers was held in Loja, organized by the Private Technical University of Loja (UTPL), the UNESCO Chair of Culture and Education for Peace – UTPL and UNESCO Quito.

The event was developed through lectures and workshops on topics of peace through environmental education, ethics in higher education, nonviolence and culture related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

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Santiago Pérez, professor of the UTPL and coordinator of the International Youth Network for Peace, mentioned that this program is an innovative initiative in Latin America, as it is the first time that three countries seek to join together to promote the construction of a culture of peace, and that, thanks to the endorsement of UNESCO Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia and Venezuela and the support of several public and private entities in Ecuador, the quality of the conferences and workshops provided was assured.

Formation of the International Youth Network for Peace

As a result of this program, the UTPL, together with the Colombian and Peruvian universities present, participated in the signing of the commitment for the constitution of the International Youth Network for Peace.

Thanks to this network, young peace managers will be part of programs that will allow them to develop social and productive skills to participate actively in the resolution of conflicts and urban violence. They will study methodologies such as TINI (Land of children and young people for Good Living) of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Ecuador and UNESCO and the models managed by the Futuro Latinoamericano Foundation and the Foundation of the Americas.

Perez affirms that once the training should prepare the young people to be transformers of their communities.

The event for the agreement was attended by José Barbosa Corbacho, rector of the UTPL; Saadia Sánchez, director and representative of the UNESCO office in Quito; and, Mónica Reinoso, vice minister of Educational Management.

Each year, the International Youth Network for Peace will make available a specific number of places for young people interested in becoming peace managers in the three countries.