Algeria: Civil society should inculcate the culture of peace in children


An article from El Moudjahid (translation by CPNN)

Participants in a meeting on the importance of peace in society, organized in Tissemsilt, called on civil society to help inculcate a culture of peace for children. In this context, Dr. Miloud Garden of the Tipaza University Center emphasized the role of associations in raising the awareness of the child about the importance of peace and accepting others. He called upon society to contribute, through initiatives, to anchor this culture in children. “Civil society is an essential and effective partner for the success of awareness-raising initiatives and events aimed at combating the phenomenon of violence in society by spreading the values ​​of peace and reconciliation among children,” he said.

Dr. Lakhdar Saidani

For his part, Dr. Lakhdar Saidani, Tiaret University, emphasized the initiatives of associations to contribute to the education of children, the rejection of violence and the establishment of a culture of peace. The speaker proposed joint initiatives between local associations and public authorities, including the Departments of Social Action and National Security to raise awareness about the phenomenon of violence and how to prevent it.

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Abdelkader Khaled, a writer and researcher on children’s literature, said the UN’s decision to set up a World Day of Living Together in Peace is a recognition of Algeria’s efforts to achieve peace and security. reconciliation in society and in the world.

This meeting, initiated by the main public library as part of the celebration of the World Day of Living Together in Peace, brought together representatives of cultural associations, students and other researchers from the University Center of Tissemsilt.

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