France: Citizen vote against nuclear power


An article from La Depeche

From March 11 to 18, 2018, the members of the action group France Insoumise have launched several demonstrations against nuclear power.

Following the three themes, defined at the convention led by Jean-Luc Mélanchon in Clermont Ferrand, this group of 22 members have elevated the debate to a national level. “We are a political movement and not a political party. We are the leading opposition force on the Left, “claims Jean Bech, one of the leaders of the action group.

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The arrival of the former Japanese minister, stationed during the Fukushima accident, precipitated the program. “Our goal is to make the French aware of the danger of nuclear power. There are alternative solutions, and we should seek them ahead of the next deadlines of nuclear power plants. We must act now.”

Locally, Jean Bech and its members will be present on the markets of Tuesday and Saturday with urns for a citizen vote. Without being official, it will allow people to express themselves. A ballot box will receive the ballots whose main indication will be “yes or no to exit from nuclear power.”

A stand will also be built during the festival “printemps des Plantes” on March 18. “There will also be a distribution in mailboxes, and people can also express themselves via the website. An ID will be just requested. We want this vote to be as wide as possible, while keeping a genuine aspect. “All this information will be sent back to the national level, there will be a follow-up of the results. Our actions will continue during the year with different themes to be decided, depending on current events. Among the priorities for 2018 will be the fight against poverty in all its forms and the fight against tax evasion. Website: https://nuclé