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Peace Sculptures by Women in Mexico
un articulo por Dorothy Meyer
International Federation of University Women

Early in June this year I advised members of the Advocacy Federation of the International Federation of University Women about the development of a news website for a Culture of Peace. Today I received a set of photographs of two monumental sculptures that the Mexican Federation of University Women (FEMU) have had built in two different cities in Mexico.

The scuptures were among 20 presented by the artist and FEMU member Glenda Hecksher to a cycle of round tables entitled "War and Peace, an analysis under the eye of art, lawful, history, diplomacy and politics". The round tables were organized by FEMU in conjunction with the Institute of Juridical Research; in the National Autonomous University of Mexico. The round tables involved people from different sectors: governmental, academic, social, diplomatic, people from NGO's. Some of them got in touch with our FEMU leaders and explained them their interest to make some of them into urban sculpture. FEMU arranged all the procedures in order to make it happen.

One is named "Peace in our hands". The government authorities found a space for it in Mexico City, and it has been adopted by the Mexican Mouvement of Peace and Development (MOMPADE) as a national symbol of Peace. Click on the photo to enlarge or click here for a side view of the sculpture.

The other scultpture, a big fountain, was paid for by a citizen association and erected in Cuernavaca, Morelos. The name of this one is "Peace above Religions." The three sacred books are on top of a big sphere that represents either our world, our universe or ourselves. On top of everything is a big dove, the dove of peace that rotates with the wind. Click on the photo to enlarge or click here for a shadowed view of the sculpture.

We look forward to seeing them on the web.

Further details about these scupltures may be obtained from Glenda Hecksher at


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Este artículo ha sido publicado on line el July 11, 2007.