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FARC-EP and Colombia Government advance in their peace accords World Social Forum 2008 and 2009: Meeting defines mobilisation schedule for process and working groups
"The issue of illicit drugs is the third issue of their six-point agenda . The FARC-EP and the Government have already arrived to partial agreements related to agricultural development and political participation . " "The meeting had two main agendas: the preparation for the week and day of mobilisation and global action (January 26 2008) and discussions on the first initiatives towards 2009 event organisation"
FARC-EP y Gobierno colombiano avanzan en acuerdos para la paz WikiLeaks: The Latin America Files
"La cuestión de las drogas ilícitas es el tercer tema en tratarse de una agenda de seis puntos. Las FARC- EP y el Gobierno han arribado a acuerdos parciales relacionados con el desarrollo agrario y la participación política. " "Information is power. . . What we citizens of the Western Hemisphere do with that power will become the ultimate legacy of the WikiLeaks experience. "
How to achieve a culture of peace in Venezuela World Social Forum in Belem, Brazil
"These experts repudiated the violence that originated on the campus of the Central University of Venezuela and stated that solutions should be established for these problems " "the indigenous peoples spoke as an important voice of the forum ... They came in their warpaint; one indigenous woman explained to me that they consider themselves engaged in a fight to save their forest from exploitation and destruction "
Conozca cómo lograr la cultura de paz en Venezuela Culture of Peace Advances in Brazil
"Los expertos repudiaron los hechos de violencia que se originaron en el campus de la Universidad Central de Venezuela y manifestaron que se deben establecer soluciones ante estas circunstancias " "Local government commissions for the culture of peace are spreading in Brazil."
Trident Healing Ceremony for Caribbean and Latin America Territories: 6-10-12, October 2014 Diego Rivera, the Father of Guadalupe
"The UN Decade for People of African Descent . . . will commence January 1, 2015 and continue until December 31, 2024. The theme for this decade is “People of African Descent: Recognition, Justice and Development”. " "how Diego Rivera, a man impassioned about his own dream of a Culture of Peace, painted for his people"
Colombian President to Reactivate National Peace Commission The Three Heroines of Guatemala: The Judge, the Attorney General and the Nobel Peace Laureate
"he will reactivate the National Peace Commission, created in the 90s to promote a culture of peace and to support the dialogue between the Government and the Guerrilla FARC-EP. " "a historic moment, the first time in history that a former leader of a country was tried for genocide in a national court . . . Guatemala has set an example for the world, away from violence and impunity "
Presidente colombiano reactivará la Comisión Nacional de Paz Peace Sculptures by Women in Mexico
"revivirá la Comisión Nacional de Paz, creada en la década de 1990, que busca promover la cultura de paz y respaldar los diálogos entre el Gobierno y la guerrilla de las FARC-EP. " "The scuptures were among 20 presented by the artist and FEMU member Glenda Hecksher to a cycle of round tables entitled, War and Peace"
Nicaragua: "Being a teacher is a career that I fell in love with" Eco-Citizen Programme : Urban Agriculture for Vulnerable Youth
"The Latin America Regional Committee of Education International is in the process of building up a Latin American Pedagogical Movement that aims to take the concept of quality education to the classroom " "planting of vegetable gardens and medicinal herbs ... awakens new interests and perspectives for the youth"
A school for peace inaugurated in the Maya world in the Guatemalan highlands Hope in Venezuela
"The premise of this wonderful project is to fully educate children and youth in the Mayan culture, worldview and spirituality, claiming and developing the Mayan identity and making extensive knowledge, legacy, documents and sacred practices to future generations. " "take notice of the fledgling grassroots democracy in Venezuela, because it could be the start of a new chapter in the struggle for a global culture of peace."
Inauguran una escuela por la paz en el mundo maya del altiplano guatemalteco The Motorcycle Diaries
"la premisa de formar integralmente a niños, niñas y jóvenes en cultura, cosmovisión y espiritualidad maya, reivindicando y desarrollando toda su identidad y haciendo extensivos los saberes, legados, documentos y prácticas sagradas a las generaciones venideras, " "a classical road movie ...beautiful scenery and a feeling that you are looking into the soul of America"
My father told me ‘I want you to be able to help your people one day’ (Brazil) Photo exhibit promotes culture of peace
" In other indigenous groups in Brazil women are already participating, and many of them are contributing to debate within the indigenous movement. But for the Xavante people, cultural resistance to having a woman involved in decision- making is still a challenge that has to be overcome, by both women and men. " "'Our whole generation has the power and responsibility of improving our society' "
Haiti - Social : Towards Social Peace in Cité Soleil The Law of Mother Earth: Behind Bolivia’s Historic Bill
"The Minister has guaranteed the willingness of the power in place to promote the culture of social peace " "Mother Earth is a living dynamic system made up of the undivided community of all living beings, who are all interconnected, interdependent and complementary, sharing a common destiny"
Haïti - Social : Vers la Paix sociale à Cité Soleil Cuba’s Achievements in the Area of Gender Acknowledged
"Le Ministre a donné la garantie de la volonté du Pouvoir en place à promouvoir la culture de la Paix sociale " "the high level of women’s incorporation to decision-making positions, which she said is significant as compared to the rest of Latin America and even Europe "
At last! Brazil begins long-awaited operation to save Earth’s most threatened tribe Union teachers will promote a culture of peace in the classroom
"Brazil’s government has launched a major ground operation to evict illegal invaders from the land of the Awá, Earth’s most threatened tribe " "Dialogue, respect, non-violence, teamwork are some of the values . . . promoted in this project initiated by the National Union of Education Workers"
Maduro ratifies the call for dialogue to consolidate peace in Venezuela The Eco Citizen project: Cultivate plants, Cultivate peace
"the National Plan for Peace and Coexistence, which seeks to promote a culture of peace " "The garden is an alternative space for therapy, learning and human relations. "