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African Women's Journal: African Women in Power/Politics 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to Wangari Maathai
"we continue to wrestle with power, make our voices heard and bring about listing change which can be felt by the coming generations . . . A lutta continua. " "The environment is very important in the aspects of peace because when we destroy our resources and our resources become scarce, we fight over that."
World Peace Foundation, DR Congo: Vision, Mission, Activities and Projects in 2015 The Gacaca: Rwanda's Bold Experiment in Reconciliation
"SHORT AND LONG TERM PROJECTS: Short term: Construction of a peace village . . . Long term: . . . construction of the University of Peace." "We need to follow the course of the gacaca over the next few years to see if we can learn about justice from the African people and their traditions."
Foundation de la paix mondiale, D.R. Congo: Vision, Mission, Activités et Projets 2015 A Great Green Wall Across the African Continent
"LES PROJETS A COURT TERME ET A LONG TERME: A court terme : Construction d’un village de la paix . . . A long terme : . . . les constructions de l’Université de la paix" "the great breadth of this enterprise illustrates the motivation of the populations concerned: to regain the right to live in dignity through solidarity "
South Africa: International Training Program for Human Rights Amahoro Amani: Lasting peace promotion in the Great Lakes
"the main goals of the upcoming Forum are to bring both outstanding participants from past Leadership Training Programmes and new leaders to launch a global intergenerational leadership organization" "By the end of 2007, 420 community mediators aged between fifteen and twenty-five will have been trained in how to take action in their communities to prevent, mediate, and resolve conflicts peacefully."
Nigeria: Why we facilitated Abuja peace accord —Ben Obi To desire freedom is an instinct
"the processes would involve workshops, seminars and town hall meetings on a continuous basis until the culture of peace and non-violent conducts during and after elections were inculcated into the Nigeria people, especially the youth" "one of my literary projects that are committed to building understanding, tolerance, and Peace initiative in Nigeria"
A Year-long Project for "Living Together - REVE" in Niger Peace Education Center in Ghana
"contributing to a better future for CARE and its partners alongside the state, for conflict prevention and identification of the root causes of vulnerabilities in the Sahel" "The Center brings young people together to learn peace-building, peace-making, peace-keeping, and most of all, peace-being skills."
Un an du "Projet Revalorisation du Vivre Ensemble – REVE" au Niger Imams and preachers from the Sahel meet in Algiers to combat religious fanaticism
"pour une meilleure contribution future de CARE et ses partenaires aux côtés de l’Etat, dans la prévention des conflits, causes profondes identifiées de vulnérabilités au Sahel" "the seminar participants urged all scholars, imams and preachers of the Sahel region recognizing the Maliki rite to remove all the ambiguities of religion, "to spread the culture of peace, tolerance, harmony and coexistence with other religions and communities "
Esther Abimiku Ibanga, Founder and president of The Women Without Walls Initiative to receive the Niwano Peace Prize Facing the Past, Moving Towards the Future
"A courageous and dedicated religious leader, Esther has worked extensively to foster and facilitate reconciliation between conflicting religious and tribal groups." "This was when I realized that these castles provide a platform for both Europeans and Africans alike to face the horrible past of the slave trade and figure out a way forward for all of humanity. "
The Contribution of Transfrontier Peace Parks to Peace in Southern Africa Reflection on the Life of Wangari Maathai
"to restore the ancient patterns of diverse ecological communities, and . . . to reconnect the shared cultures of tribal peoples, dislocated when colonial rulers arbitrarily imposed Africa’s borders." "Her Nobel prize speech conveys her pride in African women’s resilience; her emphasis on justice, integrity and trust; the contribution of tree-planting to promoting a culture of peace; the need to preserve both local biodiversity and cultural diversity."
Community-based tours and stories in South Africa: Alexandra, Soweto and more A Call from Africa for Sustainable Tourism: the Lusaka Declaration
"Each community has a unique story to tell. We enable the visitor to experience this uniqueness. This gets people to understand other cultures by immersing them in the community." "The Lusaka Declaration on Sustainable Tourism Development, Climate Change and Peace was unanimously adopted by the fifth African Conference of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism"
The second edition of the Amani Festival fixed for mid-February in Goma Fourth African Conference of International Institute of Peace through Tourism
"The Festival is designed to consolidate a culture of peace and reconciliation among the peoples in the region plagued by armed conflict for the past two decades." "More than 400 delegates from 33 countries participated in the conference sharing their experiences, ideas, wisdom and commitments."
La 2è édition du Festival Amani fixée en mi-février à Goma International Women´s Day: Interview With Leymah Gbowee (Liberia)
"Ce festival entend consolider la culture de la paix et la réconciliation entre peuple d’une contrée en proie à des conflits armés depuis plus de deux décennies." "The Liberian women peace movement demonstrated to the world that grassroots movements are essential to sustaining peace; that women in leadership positions are effective brokers for peace; and the importance of culturally relevant social justice movements. "
Sudan Open University Graduates Sign Peace Pledge The International Forum of Reflection on the Culture of Peace in Africa opened in Abidjan
"As we have gained a lot through our education at the University, we pledge before everyone present here to become messengers for peace and development" "the forum is dedicated to identifying new actions to reinforce the culture of peace in West Africa . . . and contribute to the formulation of the new Medium Term Strategy of UNESCO for the period 2014-2021 "
Children’s Thoughts on Peace: Marking 1 Year of Civil War in South Sudan Child rights activist begins mission for child soldiers
"It has been a year of heart- break and hardwork. We have laughed together and cried together as we struggled to come to terms with the reality of the terrible violence that has continued to shake the country." "Kimmie's return visit is part of a global campaign to study and bring international attention to the use of children in armed conflicts."
Rethinking Post-Election Peacebuilding in Africa Campus Peace Educators' Training Program
"The 9th International Conference and General Assembly of the Society for Peace Studies and Practice will take place from 9-13 August at the Igatius Ajuru University of Education in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. Its theme will be "Rethinking Post-Election Peacebuilding in Africa."" "The first Campus Peace Educators Training Program holds in Abuja ... May 7 – 12, 2007 ... Venue: The Peace Embassy, Abuja and TWB-Nigeria Training Center,"