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Trident Healing Ceremony for Caribbean and Latin America Territories: 6-10-12, October 2014 The Mindanao Week of Peace
"The UN Decade for People of African Descent . . . will commence January 1, 2015 and continue until December 31, 2024. The theme for this decade is “People of African Descent: Recognition, Justice and Development”. " "communities of inter-faith organizations, non-governmental organizations, peoples’ organizations, government agencies who are working and advocating and mainstreaming the CULTURE OF PEACE in the Southern Philippines"
Anglicans reflect on impact of TRC events (Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada) Diego Rivera, the Father of Guadalupe
"TRC events have had the effect of “raising consciousness and healing of all people, especially the survivors " "how Diego Rivera, a man impassioned about his own dream of a Culture of Peace, painted for his people"
Pakistan: Scholars adopt charter of peace, support coexistence Workshop in Tunis: Religions and cultures in the service of peace
"Representatives of Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhs and Baha’is unanimously adopted the charter of peace during an interfaith consultative conference " "exchange, dialogue and tolerance through a culture of peace by insisting on respect for different cultures and religions in Tunisia. "
Dena Merriam, Founder and leader of The Global Peace Initiative of Women to receive the Niwano Peace Prize World Harmony Day at the UN Highlights the Culture of Peace
"Niwano Peace Prize to honor and encourage individuals and organizations that have contributed significantly to inter-religious cooperation, thereby furthering the cause of world peace " "it was the first time interfaith prayers were ever collectively vocalized within those hallowed General Assembly walls -- a potent gesture of hope "
La líder de un movimiento interreligioso Dena Merriam recibirá el 31 Niwano Peace Prize Official ceremony of the Grand Magal of Touba, Senegal: The Caliph of the Murids Urges the Culture of Peace
"El Niwano Peace Prize se estableció en 1983 para reconocer y animar a las personas y organizaciones que han contribuido significativamente al entendimiento inter-religioso y la cooperación, contribuyendo a la causa de la paz mundial " "the Caliph asked his countrymen to cultivate peace and maintain stability in the country, to avoid controversy and discord, to engage in work and to avoid waste "
Islamic scholars establish prizes for peace, recommend Muslim peace teams Living Faiths Together – Tool kit on inter-religious dialogue in youth work
"There is a culture of peace in the Islamic heritage " "EYCE and its inter-religious partners combined their expertise in the pioneer field of inter-religious youth work and wrote this special hand book in a unique, consensus-based process. "
A school for peace inaugurated in the Maya world in the Guatemalan highlands Art for Peace
"The premise of this wonderful project is to fully educate children and youth in the Mayan culture, worldview and spirituality, claiming and developing the Mayan identity and making extensive knowledge, legacy, documents and sacred practices to future generations. " "As an artist, I try to interact through my work with the community, collaborating and developing small artistic projects that, without requiring money, can count on the participation of the community."
Inauguran una escuela por la paz en el mundo maya del altiplano guatemalteco Two Free Videos for Relationship-Building Worldwide
"la premisa de formar integralmente a niños, niñas y jóvenes en cultura, cosmovisión y espiritualidad maya, reivindicando y desarrollando toda su identidad y haciendo extensivos los saberes, legados, documentos y prácticas sagradas a las generaciones venideras, " "They are now available without cost worldwide to demonstrate and teach a new quality of listening and successful communication between diverse citizens – even 'enemies.'"
My father told me ‘I want you to be able to help your people one day’ (Brazil) Homeland is the whole Earth
" In other indigenous groups in Brazil women are already participating, and many of them are contributing to debate within the indigenous movement. But for the Xavante people, cultural resistance to having a woman involved in decision- making is still a challenge that has to be overcome, by both women and men. " "More than 20 years elapsed since the collapse of Soviet Union but still the nations relate to each other, have friendly relationships and mutual respect."
At last! Brazil begins long-awaited operation to save Earth’s most threatened tribe In the City of Santos, Young People from Nine Countries Talk about Peace
"Brazil’s government has launched a major ground operation to evict illegal invaders from the land of the Awá, Earth’s most threatened tribe " "Each country will have a moment to hold a folk audio-visual presentation and to offer their typical food with tasting by selected audience. "
Award for grass-root organizations engaged in innovative cross-cultural work A Smile Goes a Long Way
"Please help us to spread the word and find ten innovative initiatives that are changing the society into a more inclusive one! " "When we smile to someone new, we create an opportunity to say 'hello' and this 'hello' allows us to create a friendship."
Sarajevo 2014 Youth Camp Activities Proposal Youth Advocacy for Peace
"What better place is there to foster a culture of peace and non-violence with and for the youth than Sarajevo " "we improved our skills in conflict management, conflict transformation and peace-building. As a result we will be better positioned to play a more important role in enhancing the culture of peace for the future "
Kpalimé, Togo: Muslim Imans Train for Peace and Nonviolence 'A Candle' A song to give peace a chance
"Organized by the 'Islamic World League', this course aims to inform and educate preachers and imams on the values of peace and non-violence according to the Holy Koran " "I am a social artist that belongs to the New Song Movement (Latin folk)... I know what violence is I grew up with it, my family was affected by it."
TOGO: imams de la religion musulmane en formation depuis samedi dernier à Kpalimé sur l’enracinement de la paix et de la non violence My Enemy Forgotten
"Organisée par la 'League Islamique Mondiale', cette formation vise à informer et sensibiliser les prédicateurs et Imams sur les valeurs de la paix et de la non violence conformément au Saint Coran " "Lebanon will rise once more."
Sanaa to host international youth peace conference Oasis Mundi: Make Happen the World We Dream
"The conference aims to promote an integrated approach to educating young people about moderation and creating and promoting a culture of peace " "The tool is really powerful and they realize that they can make any community dream come true in a very short time, but it was not enough to do just a few OASIS per year. . . so they started training other young people from all around the world "