Dominican Republic: Education Ministry launches student forum for a culture of peace


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The Ministry of Education today launched the National Student Forum for a Culture of Peace, which involves 360 students endowed with the best averages in public and private educational centers throughout the country.

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The opening of the forum was led by the Minister of Education, Andres Navarro, who promoted a culture of peace as an urgent need for the Dominican Republic, both in homes and in schools, with an emphasis on study and work.

“Students deserve to be heard as protagonists in the process of reform and change that is taking place, within the framework of the educational revolution that drives our president Danilo Medina,” said Navarro. He stated that the event constitutes a meeting space for reflection on education and should be understood as an exercise of student participation in the education system.

The forum, which will run until next Thursday, is being held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’s convention center with talks, conferences and other activities that will help the students to strengthen their culture.

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