Morocco: The International Festival of Amazigh Culture from 14 to 16 July in Fez


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The 13th edition of the international festival of Amazigh culture will take place from 14 to 16 July in Fez under the theme “Amazighity and cultural diversity in the face of extremism”.

Initiated by the Fès-Saiss Association and the Center Sud Nord in partnership with the Esprit Foundation of Fez, the Fès-Meknes region, the BMCE Foundation and the Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT), this event promotes coherent strategies for the consolidation of intercultural dialogue, social cohesion and the strengthening of democratic culture.

This international festival, which has become an unmissable event, is part of actions and efforts to promote Amazigh culture through the enhancement of Amazigh intangible heritage, cultural diversity and their contributions to the culture of peace.

The festival features a multitude of activities including artistic evenings with the participation of Abdelhafid Douzi, Aicha Tachinwite, Hadda Ouakki, Said Senhaji, Ibtissam Tisket and Hassan El Berkani, Italian Laura Conti, besides the Ahidous dance of Tahla and Flamenco, and many other stars of the Amazigh and Mediterranean song.

The 12th edition of the International Festival of Amazigh Culture was initiated under the theme “Amazighité and the Mediterranean cultures: Living together”.

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