Togo: Women’s groups in the Plateaux region sensitized on social cohesion and the culture of peace in Atakpamé


An article from Television Togolese

The Minister of Social Action, Advancement of Women and Literacy, Tchabinandi Kolani Yentchare spoke on Thursday, 30 March in Atakpamé, to people from the Plateaux region, in this case women, regarding the involvement and role of women in the maintenance and culture of peace.

This meeting is part of the tour to raise awareness about the contribution of women to the promotion of social cohesion and a culture of peace coupled with support to the funds of women’s groups. This awareness-raising, initiated by the Ministry of Social Action, the Promotion of Women and Literacy, is a response to United Nations Security Council resolution 1325 (2000), which underlines the importance of full gender equality, conflict prevention and resolution, and peace-building and peace-keeping.

The objective of this session is to strengthen the capacity of women on their role in
culture and peacekeeping in their respective families and communities. It is a question of equipping them with the skills that are conducive to the promotion and culture of peace so that they can fully play their role as peace ambassadors.

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Can the women of Africa lead the continent to peace?

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The Minister of Social Action, Women’s Development and Literacy underlined the UN peacekeeping strategies, which were adopted by the United Nations at a summit on the Sustainable Development Goals. The 16th objective of the Goals focuses on the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, access to justice for all and the strengthening of responsible and effective institutions at all levels . To this end, Togo has embraced this dynamic and has integrated the notion of gender in its development, social cohesion and peace promotion strategies to involve everyone in the Implementation of development policies. She urged women to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the government to develop skills in order to rise to the same level as men in positions of national and international responsibility. She finally invited everyone to pray for peace, solidarity, self-control and forgiveness.

In addition, Minister Tchabinandi Kolani Yentchare handed over to 15 women’s groups in the Plateaux region, specializing in the processing, preservation and sale of agricultural products, financial envelopes amounting to 400,000 CFA francs per group, ie a total of CFAF 6,000.00 for women’s groups in the region. This gesture is a gift from the government and aims to support and financially support these women’s groups in their income-generating activities in order to reduce poverty in rural areas. She also submitted, on behalf of the government, a batch of material consisting of 415 bundles of 0.15 cm metal roofing sheets; 415 bundles of 0.20 cm sheets and 50kg of roofing nails to aid in reconstruction for the victims of recent natural disasters in the Plateaux region.

The prefect of Ogou, Akakpo Edoh, on behalf of the beneficiaries expressed his gratitude to the government for these actions taken to promote the development of women in his region.