Organizations sign agreement to promote a culture of peace in Dominican Republic


An article of Listin Diario (translated by CPNN)

The National Federation of Merchants and Entrepreneurs of the Dominican Republic (Fenacerd) and the Scala Foundation signed yesterday an agreement to promote a culture of peace in the country, as well as to develop programs of training and citizen coexistence.

 “On this occasion, we understand that it is time to strengthen the culture of peace, good practice and the common good through a dialogue with our consumers and suppliers that fosters cooperation and solidarity,” said Manuel Ortiz, President of Fenacerd, during the ceremony.

He added, furthermore, that this agreement will positively impact on an improvement of coexistence between merchants and citizens in general.

Meanwhile, the president of the Scala Foundation, Raisa Ruiz, stressed that this agreement promotes the construction of a culture of peace from a focus on rights and gender equality, values ​​and ethics of care.

In the first stage, both institutions are planning to organize activities to train the members of Fenacerd, through training workshops in the process of building peace and citizenship at the national level.

“It is time to promote attitudes of values ​​and good behavior especially in an environment like the one where violence prevails, which in the end degenerates into delinquency,” Ortiz said.

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