USA: Women’s marches fight back against inauguration of Trump


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Only one day into the new administration in Washington, already the post-election fightback for human rights has gathered force in the USA. Here is a map showing the largest turnouts the Women’s Marches on Saturday, January 21.

Number of demonstrators in women’s marches by city
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As described by the Mercury News: “In a striking sign of solidarity Saturday, more than 2 million people joined Women’s Marches from the nation’s capital to the Bay Area and beyond, promising to fight for a new era of civil rights in the age of President Donald Trump. Aerial images of buoyant, peaceful protesters clogging plazas and streets from cities as far flung as Sydney and Tokyo to San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco and Walnut Creek harkened to 1960s-era protests against the Vietnam War, bringing some nostalgic baby boomers to tears.”

According to the Washington Post , there were at least 500,000 in the Washington demonstration, 150,000 in Chicago and 125,000 in Boston.

There were huge turnouts in other American cities according to local news services:

Los Angeles 750,000

New York 400,000

Denver 200,000

Seattle 120,000

Oakland 100,000

Portland, 100,000

St Paul 90,000

Philadelphia 50,000

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To put this into perspective, compare the map showing the demonstrations above, with the map of election results (Trump states in red and Clinton states in blue) and the corresponding maps showing population density in the 50 states.

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Put quite simply, urban populations voted against Trump and demonstrated against Trump, while rural and small town populations voted for Trump.

According to at least one commentator, this huge schism betwen sections of the country seems dangerously close to the North/South divide that led to the American Civil War.

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  1. Le monde aujourd’hui a besoin de la paix ,nous félicitons les actions des Américains pour la défense des droits civique et la Paix.

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