Can peace be guaranteed through nonviolent means?

If we are to achieve a culture of peace, it will have to come about by nonviolent means.

Fortunately there are many initiatives for nonviolence, as we have found in the reviews of CPNN, for example, the CPNN bulletin of May 2016..

What does nonviolence look like. Here is the description by Martin Luther King, speaking of Mahatma Gandhi: “nonviolent resistance is not a method for cowards; it does resist. If one uses this method because he is afraid or merely because he lacks the instruments of violence, he is not truly nonviolent. This is why Gandhi often said that if cowardice is the only alternative to violence, it is better to fight… nonviolent resistance … is not a method of stagnant passivity… For while the nonviolent resister is passive in the sense that he is not physically aggressive toward his opponent, his mind and his emotions are always active, constantly seeking to persuade his opponent that he is wrong. The method is passive physically but strongly active spiritually. It is not passive non-resistance to evil, it is active nonviolent resistance to evil.”

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