UK: Corbyn and the Anti-war Movement


Excerpts from the newsletter of Stop the War Coalition – 2nd September 2016

As we approach the anniversary of 9/11, we should take stock of the fortunes of the “war on terror” over that time. None of the wars that started after 9/11 have ended, which is why we’ve had to maintain our anti-war campaigning.


The anti-war movement has provided one of the key fundaments for progressive politics in Britain, and has been a springboard for Corbyn’s rise to the position of Leader of the Labour Party.

In her recent article, Lindsey German pointed out:

“We did a great thing collectively with Stop the War. We have maintained it as an organisation and in the past year have seen a considerable increase in support, despite (or perhaps because of) the attacks on Corbyn. We are, I think, the major anti-war movement in any Nato country. The attacks from the right over the Syria bombing vote in 2013 showed the legacy of the movement and what damage we did. Ditto the Syria vote last year, used as a vicious attack on Jeremy Corbyn (and joined in by the pro-intervention left). There are many issues to debate about our history, and still a job to combat interventions in the Middle East and through Nato expansion.

Our conference next month marks the 15th anniversary of our movement. A time to say no to all the wars arising from the “war on terror”. And to continue our commitment to opposing the system our government is at the heart of, imperialism.”

Saturday 8th October • 10 – 5pm
TUC Congress House
23-28 Great Russell St
London, WC1B 3LS

The list of speakers includes Malalai Joya, Lindsey German, Tariq Ali, Salma Yaqoob, Brian Eno, Medea Benjamin, Phyllis Bennis, Maya Evans, Anas Altikriti, Chris Cole, Andrew Murray, Reg Keys and Mark Serwotka.

Sessions include:
Chilcot and the next steps for the movement • Armed and dangerous: Foreign policy after the US elections • The Middle East: Endless war? • Will the new Cold War turn hot? • Killing by remote control: Drones and geopolitics • The war on Muslims: Islamophobia and civil liberties

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How can the peace movement become stronger and more effective?

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Please invite your Facebook contacts to the conference. The ticket prices are £15 standard and £10 concession. Groups of three or more are entitled to concessionary rates.

Book your place here.

One Big No – A Stop the War benefit
Friday 7th October • 7.30pm
Shaw Theatre, 100-110 Euston Road
London, NW1 2AJ

Francesca Martinez • Richard Herring • Stewart Lee • Grace Petrie • Steve Gribbin • Boothby Graffoe • Michael Rosen

Join us for a fun night of comedy, poetry and entertainment! One Big No marks 15 years of Stop the War, showcasing the strength of feeling for an end to Western wars. We are proud of the amazing line-up, which consists of some of the best comedians in the country. Please come along and support our movement for peace and social justice.

Ticket prices: Standard £20 I Solidarity £30 I Concession (limited) £15. Groups of three or more are entitled to concessionary rates. You can book here.

The Media, The Movements and Jeremy Corbyn
Thursday 15 September, 7pm
Student Central, Malet Street

Speakers will include Ken Loach, Greg Philo, Lindsey German, James Schneider and Des Freedman.

As part of the Media Reform Coalition’s ongoing campaign for a media that informs, represents and empowers the public, this event will bring together media activists, workers and scholars to explore the media’s misrepresentation of progressive movements and voices and shape a response that does them justice.

Tickets are £5 and £3 concessionary. You can book your place here.

15 Years of the ‘War on Terror’ meeting in Liverpool during the Labour Party Conference

Monday 26 September • 7pm
Friends’ Meeting House
22 School Lane
Liverpool L1 3BT

Speakers will include Harry Leslie Smith, Brian Eno, Murad Qureshi, Andrew Murray and Carol Turner.