Incredible edibles : Rennes takes up urban, participative agriculture


Testimony by Matthieu Theurier to the Municipal Council of Rennes on June 27, reprinted on the website of the elected ecologists (translated by CPNN)

“Incredible Edibles” is a non-governmental movement that proposes citizens to produce fruits and vegetables at home and make the produces available freely to others.

Born in England, the movement is now spreading throughout the world.

Here in Rennes, at least 200 families are now participating in the Incredible edibles movement, sharing gardens that are now flourishing in all four corners of the city.

The approach of Incredible Edibles can offer spaces to garden for residents, can strengthen social ties, and promote the greening of the city. It offers free food and promotes the development of urban agriculture and therefore food autonomy of cities. Above all, it can educate for the protection of the environment and recreate the link between people in city and those in food production areas. As the urban population continues to grow, issues related to agriculture – including the preservation of the land – are less tangibly perceived by many of our fellow citizens. Recreating this link is a necessity for the future.

Incredible Edibles is now starting to develop specific criteria with the help of local voluntary collectives. The criteria aim to have cities take specific measures towards urban food production. The city of Albi is the first city to have been engaged in this effort. By adopting the proposal today, we can become the second city to do so in France.

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