Londrina, Brazil: Fifth Municipal Conference on Culture of Peace


An event posted on the facebook of Londrina COMPAZ (translated by CPNN)

The Fifth Municipal Conference on Culture of Peace of the Londrina COMPAZ (Municipal Council of Culture of Peace) took place June 1 and 2. The event was open to the public with every citizen invited to participate. The conference theme was “Restorative Justice and the Culture of Peacebuilding.

Judge Leoberto Brancher

“Positive thinking generates positive words and images that create a culture of peace in Londrina, and which radiates outward to all of ParanĂ¡ and Brazil. A better world needs more positive relationships between people. For this change must begin within each one of us.”

The movement for peace and nonviolence in Londrina celebrates sixteen years, It is formalized by the creation of the Municipal Week of Peace and Municipal Day of Peace according to Local Governmet Act 8437. The law establishes a Municipal Organizing Committee for the event. Since May, 2008, COMPAZ and the organization Londrina Pazeando have performed this function.

According to journalist AndrĂ© Trigueiro, “there is no sustainable world without peace, and Londrina makes it tangible.” A pioneer in our region, he spoke about the contribution of the press in building a sustainable world.

Among the speakers were Professor Lia Diskin, co-founder of the Association Palas Athena, Judge Leoberto Brancher, Special Presidential Assessor for the diffusion of restorative justice in Brazil, and Paulo Roberto de Souza, Professor of the Course of Human Rights at the University UEM.

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