Zanzibar Peace, Truth & Transparency Association


from Ali Mussa Mwadini

Dear Sir / Madame,
Please help our organization to unite & work together. to promote & sustain a true culture of peace & peace operations and local conflict resolution in Zanzibar community. The Zanzibar Peace, Truth & Transparency Association is a non-profit Organization, non-political, non-religious, and non-military registered in Zanzibar Tanzania, with its headquarters in Zanzibar Town.

Photo of Association on International Day of Peace

Against a background of wars, conflicts, tension and insecurity within Zanzibar community, our Organization was founded to focus on True Culture of Peace, and Peace related issues, such as Human rights, Gender Inequality, Interfaith, Democracy, Good Governance and Rule of law within Zanzibar and the Tanzania at large.
Our Organization is triggered by the resurgence of political misunderstandings between ruling and opposition political parties in every multiparty election in Zanzibar since 1995, which ends up with conflicts and distorts social fabrics. Zanzibar Peace, Truth & Transparency Association, is committed to address those political misunderstandings accordingly in order to safeguard lives and properties of the Zanzibar community.  In this respect, we therefore need to bring together and live Peaceful and prosperous society, and to ensures equal rights and privileges to all Zanzibar citizen.

We aim to:

– build a peaceful Zanzibar Community, free from Violence, Conflict, Hatred and Fear

– To promote compassion and understanding, respecting the Differences, Gender Equality and tolerance and for others live together in Harmony

– To promote peace Community in the Villages, Districts, Regional and National, encourage and strengthened for a National Movement for a True Culture of Peace in Zanzibar

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Can peace be guaranteed through nonviolent means?

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– To undertake Peace Training program within rural Community Leaders, Religious groups, Women Groups, Youth Groups & Youth Centers, Schools, Colleges & universities,  in order to reduce conflicts and create  sustainable future generations

– To empower community members with skills and knowledge to produce income generating activities in order to reduce poverty and increase peace

– To Change and Revive the norms and rules governing Zanzibar community, Religious Groups & Political Parties, at all levels in order to ensure that conflicts are dealt with constructively through institutional channels

– To seek cooperation with Peace Loving countries and institutions which indulge in promoting Peace Awareness, Conflicts Resolution, Peace Building, Negotiation and Reconciliation, Strong Dialogue and Forgiveness and promote the Culture of Peace as an urgent task that requires the committed engagement of all the people in Zanzibar & the World.

Our Organization is working in Unguja & Pemba Islands through community training,  group meetings, mobile cinema, Political meetings, Religious Groups and Women Groups. The large population in our two Islands have adopted a peaceful way of life to avoid Conflicts

It Is Never Too Late To Live Together As Humans Despite  our Political Parties & Religious Differences
To consolidate peace after war is a long-term process. To consolidate democracy is an even longer one.


Ali Mussa Mwadini
Executive Secretary & Peace Activist
ZPTTA NGO Zanzibar
( Tel: +255 777 451257 )