USA: Wilmington Peace Plan


Excerpt from the website of Pacem in Terris, Wilmington, Deleware

Pacem in Terris and other non-profits in the Wilmington area (Wilmington Peacekeepers, One Village Alliance, DE Coalition Against Gun Violence, etc.) want to develop a strategic vision, plan and resource document that will bring peace to Wilmington. The plan will deal with the actions needed to transform a culture of violence to a culture of peace. The plan would include input from civic groups, city and state governments and agencies, churches, students, the elderly, and general public.

Video of March for a Culture of Peace

Building on the very successful September 2014 March for a Culture of Peace (and Rally and Call to Action) that we organized (45 co-sponsors, 400+ participants), and subsequent public forum events every month since then, we see the need and opportunity for a Wilmington Peace Plan that presents a clear vision of our desired goal, and the means for achieving it. The strategic plan would include needed actions by city and state legislators, divisions of the city, county and state government, neighborhoods, families, churches, schools, businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals.

The accompanying resource document would be printed as well as available on the web and via smartphone app. It would include organizations throughout our region that are engaged in what we call “building a culture of peace”, and include resources and information on a wide variety of topics– from anti-bullying strategies, civic engagement, domestic violence prevention, school to prison changes, financial literacy, management and violence, gun violence reduction,, gangs and violent street groups, safe havens for youth, juvenile justice system, mental health providers, mentoring, restorative justice, support groups for ex-offenders, service organizations, street level outreach, dating violence, workplace violence prevention and other topics.

Together, the Wilmington Peace strategic plan and Wilmington Peace Resources document will present a clear vision of a possible and attractive peace-filled future; the actions and means for getting there, and the resources needed to achieve the vision and implement the plan.

Click here for Tom Davis’ recap of the December 2014 event and click here for a video of the event. Also, on December 28th, Wilmington Friends Meetinghouse had a Memorial to the Lost. Click here for the video.

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