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Information from the International Cities of Peace

Nairobi, Kenya

Welcome to Michael Ochieng Nyawino, Project Director of the organization Neema, as well as his colleagues and the citizens of Nairobi, Kenya: City of Peace. The Neema Community Based Organization (CBO) was officially registered on 8th February 2011. The group began operations in January 2014 to offer educational and empowerment services to the community, especially the youth and young mothers aged 18-30 years. Activities include environmental cleanups, guidance and counseling and mentorship programs, and many other peace building projects.
website for Nairobi, Kenya: City of Peace


• Medellín, Colombia

Welcome to VALENCIA MARY SOL ACEVEDO and her colleagues from Medelllín, Colombia: City of Peace. She is the founder of the Sun Foundation, which has been working in Medellín since 1999.
Website for Medellin, Colombia: City of Peace

• Wobulenzi, Uganda

Welcome to Bishop James Lubega Banda and Junior Twongyelrwe who are working to care for children in Wobulenzi, Uganda: City of Peace. The Divine Liberty Centre Ministries proposes to establish facilities and training for disadvantaged young people who have been placed in a dangerous situation by years of war and violence.
Website for Wobulenzi, Uganda: City of Peace

• Rockford, Illinois, U.S.A.

Welcome to members of the Rockford Peace Coalition and the Rockford Rotary Club who have joined with other partners to establish Rockford as an International City of Peace. Some of the expressions of peace building in the Rockford area include:
• Ethnic Festival representing over 30 cultures in Rockford
• International Day of Peace held for over 1,000 elementary school children
• Planting peace poles around the Rock River Valley
• The Keeling-Puri Peace Plaza as a park to assist and remind all of peace and tranquility through diversity and heritage.
Website for Rockford, Illinois, U.S.A.: City of Peace

• Verejeni, Moldova

Welcome to Mrs. Tatiana Baltag and her colleagues in Verejeni, Moldova: City of Peace. Mrs. Baltag is director of the library for children and is committed with the citizens of Verejeni to fostering a culture of peace in Moldova.
Website for Verejeni, Moldova: City of Peace

• Eastlands, Nairobi, Kenya

Welcome to Jared Akama Onyari, leader of the city of peace group with networking in Eastlands/Southlands, Nairobi, Kenya: City of Peace. The Eastlands area of Nairobi is to the south-east of Nairobi province. The organization, Peace Society of Kenya, is working to empower Kenyans through education and impementation of a wide range of peace building projects.
Website for Eastlands, Nairobi, Kenya: City of Peace

• Querétaro, Mexico

Welcome to Judith A. Martinez, Director General of the Hummingbird Organization, AC / DPI-NGO-UN Representation “Culture of Peace”, and her colleagues in Querétaro, Mexico: City of Peace. To position the Cd. De Querétaro, Qro. México at the forefront of policy development for its strategic, comprehensive and inclusive from the promotion of cultural diversity management, dialogue and promoting a culture of peace.
Website for Querétaro, Mexico: City of Peace

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• Voinjama, Fofa, Liberia

Welcome to Swaliho M. Fofana and his colleagues from the organization PeaceWin Lofa as they create a city of peace in Voinjama, Liberia. The need for peacebuilding in Liberia, especially for Lofa County, is cardinal toward sustaining genuine peace and security as the UN peacekeeping forces draw down its mission finally in 2016.
Website for Voinjama, Fofa, Liberia: City of Peace

• Nateete, Uganda

Welcome to Ali Tebandeke and his colleagues in Nateete, Uganda: City of Peace. Nateete is located in Lubaga Division, on the southwestern edge of the city of Kampala. It is bordered by Busega to the north, Lungujja to the northeast. Ali is a co-founder of MOVE TO LIGHT YOUTH DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE. He is a youth activist and an advocate for youth in Uganda.
Website for Nateete, Uganda: City of Peace

• Chilliwack, British Colombia, Canada

Welcome to the citizens of Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada: City of Peace. The initiators of the city of peace movement in Chilliwack are Megan Praat and Olivia Jensen, daughters of Laura Taylor Jensen Praat. Megan and Olivia have shown a great commitment to peacebuilding in the Chilliwack community, reached out to other youth as well as civic leaders to endeavor with them to create a culture of peace in this beautiful Canadian town.
Website for Chilliwack, B.C., Canada

• Karachi, Pakistan

Welcome to Mr. Kelash Kumar Sarhadi and his colleagues at the Interfaith Commission for Peace and Harmony as the citizens of Karachi, Pakistan self-define and work toward a culture of peace in their community.
Website for Karachi, Pakistan: City of Peace

• Lilongwe, Malawi

Welcome to Hastings Phiri and his colleagues at Peace Ambassadors Malawi in Lilongwe: City of Peace. The Peace Ambassadors Integration Organization (PAM) is a Malawi non-governmental Organization that specializes in promoting peace and cohesion, community harmony and mutual coexistence, and respect for one another.
Website for Lilongwe, Malawi: City of Peace

• Asheville, North Carolina, U.S.A
Celeste Lauren Filbert and her colleagues have been fostering peace and compassion as community values. They have built a strong collaboration between all sectors of our community — Academic, Law Enforcement, Commerce, Wellness, Arts, Faith-Based, Environmental, Civic Sectors, etc — to promote a Culture of Peace and compassion.
Website for Asheville, North Carolina, U.S.A.: City of Peace

• Elgin, Illinois, U.S.A.

Danielle Henson the citizens of Elgin as well as the Mayor and City Council have proclaimed their community a City of Peace. As one example, the City’s twenty-five gardens have been renamed “Peace Gardens”. An extensive network of organizations is continuing to build a culture of peace that will benefit all citizens.
Website for Elgin, Illinois, U.S.A.: City of Peace

• Savannah, Georgia, U.S.A.

The members of the Savannah Peace Committee just last week succeeded in working with the Mayor and City Council to proclaim their community as dedicated to creating a culture of peace, statewide and around the world. In a meeting with Mayor Edna Jackson, peace team leaders Danielle Henson, Kennedy Braden, Lynda Beam, Jan Durham expressed their mission to cultivate a culture of peace through dialogue,attitudes, principles, creative expression and equanimity. Welcome this group to International Cities of Peace!
Website for Savannah, Georgia, U.S.A.: City of Peace

• Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India

Welcome to Dr. Jawahar Surisetti and the citizens of Raipur in the State of Chhattisgarh, India. Goals of this new city of peace initiative include establishing a Rungta Peace Garden and an Indian Institute of Peace.
Website for Raipur, India: City of Peace

• Pirwadhai, Rawalpindii, Pakistan

See story on Youth Peace Ambassador Kainat Khan
Websie for Pirwadhai, Pakistan: City of Peace