The youth of Gaza in solidarity with the people of France


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On Tuesday, November 17, 2015, dozens of young students and some faculty and staff members of the Al-Aqsa University in Gaza gathered outside the French department, in solidarity with the people of France after the deadly bombings hit Paris last Friday.

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The students participated in this solidarity rally
despite the rain, the weather and the exam period,

The rally was organized at the initiative of the French department at Al-Aqsa University in Gaza, and the University Peace Centre.

It was intended to show that young people in Gaza, despite their daily suffering, despite the inhumane Israeli blockade and the dramatic consequences of the latest Israeli military offensive in the summer of 2014, wish to express their solidarity with a country friendly to Palestine and to a population increasingly concerned with the Palestinian cause.

Participants came with placards that expressed the their solidarity with France.

They carried the following slogans:

– The Youth of Gaza solidarity of France

– Solidarity with Gaza Paris

– For Freedom and against hatred

– Long live Franco-Palestinian relations

– despite Their suffering, the Palestinians of Gaza are sending a message of support to France

– against Violence, for peace, justice and tolerance

– Love, Peace, fraternity, equality, freedom, justice, solidarity

The solidarity rally was well covered by national and international media.

Ziad Medoukh, director of the French department and Coordinator of the Peace Center, as well as some students gave interviews to radio and television present.

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