Peace signatories bring their expertise to Colombia


An article from La Prensa Grafica, El Salvador (reprinted without commercial interest – translated by CPNN)

Chile has established a group of experts in El Salvador to “provide visible Latin American support” for the peace process between the Colombian government and the FARC. Personalities who made history in the pursuit and achievement of peace more than two decades ago are sharing their knowledge and experiences to contribute to the negotiation process between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

The Ambassador of Chile, Maria Inés Ruz, is one of the managers for the formation of the group that will bring its experience to the Colombian peace process.

David Escobar Galindo, Alfredo Cristiani, Nidia Diaz, Fidel Chavez Mena, Ana Guadalupe Martinez, Oscar Santamaría and Salvador Samayoa are some of the personalities who make up the second group Friends for Peace in Colombia, which will be established in our country and start working from Friday 16 October.

Its formation has been initiated by the Government of Chile, which in 2012 established in Santiago the first group of friends and has been present at the Colombia dialogue table.

In recent years, the country, under President Michelle Bachelet, has been a facilitator in various peace processes, including Peru-Ecuador and Haiti.

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What is happening in Colombia, Is peace possible?

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Now Chile has decided to install a second group of friends in El Salvador, to make “more visible Latin American support to this process.” They have taken into account the peace process in our country in 1992 that ended the grievous armed conflict of the eighties with the signing of the peace accords in Chapultepec, Mexico.

“What better venue than El Salvador, who managed a peace process recognized by the United Nations. From my point of view, even though problems remain and the country has not yet established a definitive process of dialogue and consultation, it is apparent that there are great efforts to promote a culture of peace. In this regard we believe that El Salvador can be very important in this support, “said Maria Ines Ruz, Chilean ambassador in our country.

“Everyone (in the group) with whom I have spoken have considered it a very positive initiative and are willing to contribute. The first official meeting of the group will be on October 16. It is an open initiative, with the idea that the members themselves should identify realistic courses of action, “added the diplomat.

The Friends Group for Peace in Colombia to El Salvador will be include Miguel Saenz Varela, Eduardo Sancho, Francisco Jovel, Hector Dada Irezi Jose Maria Tojeira, Wilfredo Hernandez (Vice President of PARLACEN) and Amparo Marroquín (Ph.D.).

“The contribution of these professionals certainly will be very important to the negotiating table in Colombia. These are highly experienced people with extensive academic ability and great experience. Their knowledge and experiences are going to be very important,” reiterated the Chilean ambassador.

The diplomat Luis Meira and the ex-subsecretary of Aviation Raul Vergara will assist in the establishment of the group, representing Chile at the Colombian negotiating table.

The line of work and contributions to be made by this group will be defined by the members once they have been established. But the ambassador Ruz has a vision about it: “I see them giving lectures in different places here in El Salvador and abroad. I see them systematizing their experience and writing books, as there is much they can write here as a contribution. I also expect them to travel to Colombia and Chile, “said the diplomat.

Groups such as that in Santiago de Chile and in El Salvador will not be the only ones, Ruz added. Others will eventually be implemented in several countries in the region, to which the Chilean embassy would be in a position to contribute.