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An article from Stop the War

Jeremy Corbyn’s fantastic victory in the Labour party leadership election is a huge tribute to him as a campaigner and Member of Parliament. It is also the result of the years of campaigning by the movements against war and austerity.


Jeremy has always supported Stop the War, which has played an important part in building anti-war and peace sentiment in Britain, and he is currently our national chair.

Labour members and supporters have delivered a fitting riposte to the terrible legacy of Tony Blair, who helped to launch the ‘war on terror’ and took us into catastrophic war in Iraq.

But we know that the Tory government and its media supporters continue to press for wars and military solutions, despite the obvious failure of such strategies.

Jeremy’s victory sends a strong message against war, injustice and inequality. It raises the possibility of a real break with current foreign policy. But he will need the widest and most active possible support.

Stop the War is committed to campaigning with everyone who agrees with his ideas, to bolster anti-war opinion and strengthen the mass movement.

As David Cameron prepares for a vote in parliament to bomb Syria, the Stop the War Coalition is needed more than ever.

Please do everything possible to help and especially, join us if you can.

Join Stop the War – help spread our message and strengthen our campaign

Donate – unlike the merchants of war, we rely on our members and supporters for all our funding

Help the campaign to stop the bombing in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East, to oppose the replacement of Trident nuclear missiles, and to prevent future wars.

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