Third Regional Conference “Latin America on the quest for sustainable peace: tools and contributions”


Convocation from Congress blogspot (translated by CPNN)

The Latin American Council for Peace Research (CLAIP), the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO), and the Association against trafficking of children and women (ECPAT / Guatemala) announce the Third Regional Conference “Latin America on the quest for sustainable peace: tools and contributions” to be held in the Academic headquarters of FLACSO in Guatemala City from 26 to 28 October 2015.


Objective: To reflect on building a sustainable peace in Latin America, even in contexts of conflict and generalized violence, exchange new approaches to peacebuilding and the challenges we must overcome to achieve it.

Target audience: teachers, researchers, students, professionals and scholars from multiple disciplines who are interested in research and / or work on these issues in the region.

1. Peace and Education
2. Peace and Environment
3. Peace instead of urban violence
4. Human and gender security, development and peace
5. Democracy, Public Policy and Citizenship Building

The themes of Dialogue, Peaceful Conflict Resolution, Gender, Equity and Intercultural issues are transverse to the preceding 5 themes.


Keynote speakers: members of CLAIP FLACSO and ECPAT.

Thematic tables: The participants will present papers approved in the relevant thematic working groups, which will be coordinated by specialists of CLAIP-ECPAT-FLACSO.

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Congress languages: Castilian and Portuguese, no translation

Lodging: each must manage and make their own reservations. FLACSO is in Zone 10 of the city and it is advisable to stay in that same area. More information.

As in previous years, we plan to publish a new book by CLAIP with selected papers at the Conference. More details will be published later.

For further information consult the Congress blog or our Facebook page.

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