US: We’re winning the fight for diplomacy


A communication from Jo, Alejandro, Victoria, Matt, and the rest of the team at Moveon.Org

Republican leaders are admitting that they’re losing the fight over the diplomatic deal with Iran. Despite tens of millions spent by war hawks to sabotage the agreement, more and more Democrats are choosing diplomacy over war.


They have the money. We have the people and the momentum.

We saw that yesterday, as thousands of MoveOn members and anti-war allies gathered outside more than 200 congressional offices and delivered petitions signed by hundreds of thousands of Americans. Members came together from MoveOn, Americans United for Change, Council for a Livable World, CREDO Action, DailyKos, Democracy for America, Friends Committee on National Legislation, National Iranian American Council, Peace Action, Win Without War, and more.

And this grassroots activism is leading to results: In the past 24 hours, Representatives Susan Davis, Bonnie Coleman Watson, and Ed Perlmutter have all come out for the deal. Representative Alan Lowenthal announced his decision to support the deal just in advance of the petition delivery, and he came out to announce it to MoveOn members in person.

We’re building something together, and the result—a diplomatic resolution to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon—will be historic.

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The fight isn’t over. When members of Congress return to Washington in just over a week, they’ll be deluged with propaganda by the war hawks who want to sabotage this deal.

We’ll keep up the pressure—and keep building the momentum for peace. We have just a few weeks to stop a war, but we know that we can do it together.

Thanks for all you do.

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