Does China promote a culture of peace?

A recent article in CPNN (June 7, 2023) quotes the Deputy Director-General of the Chinese Academy of History “The pursuit of peace and harmony is the foundation of the Chinese spirit. It is in the gene of Chinese civilization. In the 5,000-year history, our ideal world is of great unity. We value a culture of peace and unity.”

An example of recent peacemaking initiatives of China is their proposal for peace in Ukraine, based on a series of fundamental principles for peaceful international relations. Their proposal was welcomed by many countries that are not directly involved in the war, but some voices were more critical of the Chinese proposal. Writing from Indonesia, the news agency Inilah quotes the India-based EurAsian Times that the Chinese plan contradicts their own policy towards Taiwan, since the Chinese do not respect their sovereignty and have imposed sanctions against them.

China has never recognized the independence of Taiwan, and has threatened military intervention. As stated in a recent blog, “Among the peacemakers are the Chinese to some extent. We can only hope that this aspect of Chinese policy will dominate in the coming turbulent period of history. Will the Chinese be able to resist peacefully the provocations of the American Empire such as those connected with Taiwan? Faced with such provocations in the Ukraine, the Russians fell into the trap of war: we must hope that the Chinese will not do so in Taiwan.”

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