France: FSU course on building peace, fighting without violence: a revolutionary idea!


An announcement from Syndicat National Unitaire des Instituteurs – 35

Every year the trade union federation, FSU Bretagne, organizes a large federal training course at regional level. This year we are returning to the two-day colloquium formula as for the 2019 internship on Food in Guitté.

Our course will be held at the youth hostel in St Malo (35) on Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 October. The theme of these two days will focus on peace and the need to develop a culture of peace and non-violence, in conjunction with the activists of the Mouvement de la Paix Bretagne.

In addition to the theme of educating young people for peace, which is dear to us, we will give a large place to the issue of multilateralism and social and climate justice in international relations. Our work will also focus on the issue of violence in social and political relations in our societies. This second part of the internship is of particular urgency in our current situation marked by the government’s repression of social movements in the name of “republican order”, their fight against “ecoterrorism”, and their plans to force youth to be obedient.

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What is the contribution of trade unions to the culture of peace?

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The program for these two days is not yet completely fixed and the FSU is currently continuing contacts with the prospective speakers. The following have already given, among others, their agreement to participate in these two days:

– David Adams of the Seville Statement on Violence and Unesco Culture of Peace,

– Bertrand Badie, specialists in international relations, professor emeritus at Sciences -Po Paris and CERI,

– Alain Bergerat, historian, author of the History of France through songs, Jacques Fath, author of Putin, NATO and war,

– Amélie Hart-Hutasse, teacher, head of the history-geography group at SNES which follows the ‘Universal National Service’ file,

– Venance Journé, physicist, representative of the Climate Action Network at the ESEC, author of Weapons of Terror Ridding the world of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons,

– Frédéric Mathieu, parliamentarian, member of the commission of Defense at the National Assembly,

– Sebastian Roché, director of research at the CNRS, specialist in relations between the police and the population, author of De la police en democratie,

– Laura Lema Silva, specialist in social movements in Colombia, head of studies at the Institute for Peace and associate member of the LCE laboratory of Lyon-2,

– Nathalie Tehio lawyer, member of the national office of the LDH and of the Paris Observatory of public freedoms, author of a report on the BRAV-M units.. .

You can register now online by following this link: or by means of the registration form below. Registration confirmations with the precise program and organizational arrangements for these two days will be sent to registrants at the end of September.

Don’t wait to register and to submit your request for leave of absence to your school (strict deadline of 1 month, i.e. a deadline for submission on Friday 09/15/2023).

Register early and spread the word – the course is open to FSU union members and non-union members alike.

The registration form can be sent by post to the address indicated or sent by email to Online registration can also be done via the website