Morocco: Launch from Essaouira of the Women’s World Forum for Peace


An article from Le Matin (translation by CPNN)

The Women’s World Forum for Peace was launched on Tuesday in Essaouira by the “Warriors of Peace”, a movement of Jewish and Muslim women for peace, justice and equality, on the occasion of international women’s dayl . The meeting took place in the presence of André Azoulay , Adviser to His Majesty the King and founding president of the Essaouira-Mogador Association , the governor of the province, Adil El Maliki, the president of the communal council of Essaouira, Tarik Ottmani, elected officials and other actors from various backgrounds, that the founding act of this World Forum has taken effect.

Video of forum which was sponsored by UNESCO and the UN. One of speakers was Shirin Ebadi, Nobel Peace Laureate from Iran.

Women from all over the world, activists for peace and committed to justice, emancipation and freedom, including Jessica Mwiza, activist for Memory (Rwanda), Huda Abu Arquob, president of the Alliance for Middle East Peace (Palestine), and Nuith Hagragh, Women Wage Peace (Israel) , together delivered a common message, a call for peace to the world. Speaking at this meeting, a dozen activists representing Morocco, Palestine, Rwanda, Senegal, Liberia and Israel , presented captivating testimonies in which they shared their respective experiences, their actions and peace initiatives.

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Speaking on this occasion, Hanna Assouline welcomed the organization of this conclave in “such a magical city, on African soil, in Morocco, a country which for years has opened a way, a path of lights” . “It is this recognition of otherness in itself that drives us all here. This is what Morocco has decided to reaffirm for years now, in particular with the inclusion in its 2011 Constitution of the plurality of Moroccan origins (Arab, Amazigh, Hebrew, African and Mediterranean), “she continued. , adding that this commitment by Morocco is a “precious message for the world”. 

This forum brings together women from all over the world, some of whom have never left their country, and who met in Essaouira , to jointly launch this appeal and challenge the world in favor of peace, in a city that “wonderfully embodies the values of dialogue and reconciliation,” Ms. Assouline explained in a statement to M24, MAP’s continuous news television channel. For her part, Fatima Bousso indicated that these women from various regions of the world “came to bring to Essaouira, this city of openness, culture and sharing, a common appeal to the world for peace”.

Subsequently, the participants in the forum gathered in front of the ramparts of the Sqala, in the center of the medina of Essaouira to execute “a human chain” in favor of peace . Previously, they paid a visit to Bayt Dakira , an opportunity for them to follow exhaustive explanations presented by Mr. Azoulay on this spiritual and heritage space for the preservation and enhancement of Judeo-Moroccan memory. On the menu of this event is also the screening, on Sunday, in Bayt Dakira, of the film ” The warriors of peace “, directed by Hanna Assouline ., and a march for peace that will depart from Bayt Dakira to the beach where a peace footprint will be left.