Jalisco, Mexico: V Global Forum on the Culture of Peace


An article from Estado de Jalisco (translation by CPNN)

With the purpose of analyzing the conflicts and problems that trigger violence, as well as proposing solutions to promote social reconciliation, the “V Global Forum on the Culture of Peace” was held at the facilities of the Jalisco Legislative Branch, promoted by the deputy Rocio Aguilar Tejada.

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Questions for this article:

The culture of peace at a regional level, Does it have advantages compared to a city level?

Is there progress towards a culture of peace in Mexico?

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The Forum highlighted the need to guarantee the participation of civil society through art, traditional games and gastronomy to promote values such as empathy, love and compassion. People were asked to join efforts to reduce the gaps of inequality and resolve through understanding the problems of the society.

For her part, legislator Aguilar Tejada, in her capacity as President of the Peace Committee, pointed out the need to create tools that consolidate respect for human rights. Finally, she said that “by 2023, forceful actions should be taken to improve security and establish a partnership between government and society.”

Among those in attendance were Iram Valdés Chávez, President of the organization “Comnapaz México”; David Hernández Pérez, representative of the Tlaquepaque city council; Dante Jaime Haro Reyes, Defender of Human Rights at the University of Guadalajara; Esperanza Loera Ochoa, Executive Secretary of the State Human Rights Commission in Jalisco and Rafael Medina Martínez, President of the Dr. Alfonso García Robles diplomatic foundation.