Mediation Forum of the Vice-Government of Ceará promotes discussion for a culture of peace


An article from Ceará, Governo de Estado (translation by CPNN)

The Vice-Government of Ceará, through its State Forum of Mediation, Restorative Justice and Culture of Peace, promoted a debate this Tuesday morning (June 29) on the use of laboratories, meetings and other peaceful devices to improve the society. The event was held remotely and attended by around 50 people, who were able to participate, ask questions and have a voice in the discussion.

Among those present at the meeting were: Cristiane Holanda, coordinator of the Restorative Justice and Mediation Coordination of the Vice-Government of Ceará; Cida Medeiros, journalist and facilitator and lawyer; and Luis Zubcov, scholar of peace dynamics.

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Questions for this article:

The culture of peace at a regional level, Does it have advantages compared to a city level?

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Cristiane Holanda commented on the importance of the Forum and its monthly meetings. “Our forum tries to be democratic, participatory. We want to creat together a new model of living, being, within a society that is ethically just.”

In his speech, Luis Zubcov highlighted the need for more participative listeners in everyday interaction. “The active role of the listener is very important. Someone who is not just a passive observer, but an active one who can make a difference within the content they receive. The word is 50% of those who speak and 50% of those who listen.”

State Mediation Forum

The State Forum of Mediation acts as a partner of the Pact for a Ceará Pacific and is composed of 35 bodies and institutions, among which are: Public Ministry (MPCE), General Public Defender of Ceará, OAB, Court of Justice (TJCE), in addition of the Vice-Governor’s Office. Meetings take place every month.

Institutions wishing to participate in the Forum should contact the Vice-Governor’s Mediation Coordination at (85) 3459.6116.