Involving the African Youth in the Biennale of Luanda!


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An Intergenerational Dialogue will open the second edition of the Biennale of Luanda on October 4, and will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss the following theme: “Cultural and heritage diversity of Africa and its Diasporas: firebrand of conflicts or breeding ground for peace?.” 

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An Intergenerational Dialogue

150 young people (from all AU countries and the Diaspora) will be invited to take part in this Dialogue. These young people will be selected from among members of National Youth Councils, National Coordinating Bodies of the Pan-African Youth Network for a Culture of Peace (PAYNCOP) and other youth leaders and organizations, through a call for applications. 

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The young participants will discuss with Heads of State and Government, Ministers in charge of Youth / Culture, Commissioners of the AU and Regional Economic Communities in charge of Youth, representatives of the United Nations, international organizations and technical and financial partners invited to the Biennale. 

An Online Dialogue!

In addition to these 150 selected young people, other young people will also participate virtually from their respective countries; decentralized participation, scaled up through digital platforms such as social networks, will be facilitated by UNESCO Field Offices, AU Liaison Offices, National Commissions for UNESCO, in partnership with Universities and Schools, digital campuses of the University Agency of the Francophonie, French Institutes and any other interested structure or entity. 
In connection with the Theme of the year of the African Union, the participants will assess the state of peace and security through the prism of the coexistence of multiple cultural identities of Africa; and, secondly, to question the relationship of young people to their culture and how they build their cultural identity in their relationship to otherness.  

The selection campaign of the candidates will open on 30 June 2021!