Mexico: Quintana Roo celebrated a unique virtual hip hop festival in Maya language


An article from the Yucatan Times

In order to promote the culture of peace, the right to culture, and revitalization of the native language through the musical professionalization of hip hop in the state of Quintana Roo, last 17 and April 18, the First Barrio Maya Festival was held in its first virtual edition, featuring workshops, talks, conferences, and concerts.

“There were workshops, conversations and concerts with the Mayan rap community, there were personalities like Pat Boy and the ambassadors of Barrio Maya,” explains Guido Arcella, one of the organizers of this festival.

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Question for this article:

What place does music have in the peace movement?

Is there progress towards a culture of peace in Mexico?

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The Barrio Maya festival began on Saturday 17, at 10 am with the talk led by Pat Boy, one of the forerunners of hip hop in Maya language, precisely to talk about the history of rap in Maya, followed by the workshop “Body and Rap” imparted by Hunaac Cel and Nadia Zupo, and concluded with a concert of MC Fer-LA2C and the Maya-Kill Beat.

On the second day, Sunday 18th, the United States Consulate in Mérida participated, as well as the Jornada de Derechos Humanos A.C. and the Latin American Hip Hop Network in the discussion “The United States and Latin America, hip hop as a meeting point”.

That day there was also a workshop on BeatMaking and musical entrepreneurship given by the Campeche Hip Hop Movement and to conclude the concert by Verso Mays-Xi’ipal, Samik A.K.A Big Man and Dino Chan.

“What we want is to promote the culture of peace through this genre of urban music; we talked about how hip hop transforms Latin America through this culture of peace, and precisely the revitalization of the Maya language ”, added Guido Arcella.