Nairobi, Kenya : International Peace Research Association Conference 2021


An announcement from the Global Campaign for Peace Education

Established in 1964, the International Peace Research Association (IPRA) undertakes research on issues pertaining to international peace and security. Every two years, it holds a conference to discuss findings and solutions to problems affecting peace, security and development across the world. It does so in partnership and/or collaboration with academia, policy-makers, research institutions, and various other multi-disciplinary thinktanks globally.

IPRA shall be holding its 28th Biennial General Conference themed, PEACE TECHNOLOGY; Positioning Fourth Industrial Revolution and Emerging Technologies in Fostering Global Peace’ in Nairobi -Kenya from the 11th to 15th January 2021 hosted by Multimedia University of Kenya (MMU). Since 1964, this shall be the first gathering of the Global Network of Peace Researchers in the East Africa region and the third (3rd) of this kind in Africa as a continent (1998 – Durban, South Africa ; 2016 – Freetown, Sierra Leone).

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Part of the objectives of the 28th IPRA General Conference are inclined towards discussions and proposals surrounding plenary themes on Peace Technology in the Anthropocene, International Humanitarian & Human Rights Law, Arms Control and Technology Revolution, Information Technology and Peace, Sports Science and Peace, Climate Change and Early Warning Systems, Forensics and Counter-Terrorism, Media, Virtual Network and Education, Mental Health, Spiritual Security and Spiritual Intelligence. Other specific objectives shall be addressed under the various sub-themes represented in IPRA’s ten (10) Commissions which can be accessed at:

Global Trade, Corporate Surveillance and Peace

The Republic of Kenya continues to contribute to peace and security efforts across the continent and globally. The country having hosted many refugees who fled from civil conflicts in their respective countries of Somalia, South Sudan, the Great Lakes Region (Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo), continues to discharge its mandate to promote peace and security under the various regional and international conflict resolution mechanisms. Kenya also enjoys a vast expanding digital revolution with approximately 38 percent of its predominantly young population being within the age group of 15 – 35 years.

Thus, the 28th IPRA General Conference in Nairobi, Kenya is expected to highlight progress and challenges of 21st century revolutionized Information, Communication and Technology, their effects on global (dis)order and present ultimatums on viable next steps.