Mexico: 100 Actions for Peace; Wilfrido Lázaro


An article from La Voz de Michoacán

The National Council of Civil Organizations for the Culture of Peace CPAZ A.C. in coordination with the International Committee of the Banner of Peace and the Center for Studies for Peace, Security and Development CECAPAZ A.C. has started a challenge across the country.

“The construction of Peace is everyone’s task, therefore, through this campaign we invite society, civil organizations, as well as anyone who wants to join, to carry out 100 actions for Peace, one every day.” expressed Wilfrido Lázaro, CPAZ National Coordinator.

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Is there progress towards a culture of peace in Mexico?

Wilfrido Lázaro, member of the Michoacan Council for the Construction of Peace and Reconciliation, explained that this campaign aims for individuals to promise to carry out for each of 100 days, a conscious action that promotes the construction of Peace, with your partner, your family, or in favor of your community and country.

“An action leads to a habit, a habit to a custom and a custom to a culture, and that is what we seek through these hundred actions, to generate a Culture of Peace, in favor of Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico and the world,” according to Lázaro Medina, who is also Coordinator in Michoacán of the International Committee for the Banner of Peace, chaired by the famous television actress Dr. Alicia Rodriguez.

This campaign will take place throughout the country, disseminated through the member organizations of the National Council of Civil Organizations for the Culture of Peace. They have already received a good response from civil associations in the country such as CECAPAZ AC, Mesa de Paz Jalisco, COEMPAZ AC, Youth for Peace Michoacán, Youth for Peace, Positive Peace, Kites that speak for Peace, Vallarta Azteca, Fundación en Movimiento, among others.

Finally, Wilfrido Lázaro invited citizens to spread their actions with the hashtag # 100AXPaz and through this, to motivate and invite more people to join the construction of Peace. “In this way, building Peace is very simple; it is the details with ourselves and with others that truly makes the difference.”