Mexico: Celebration of the IMA 5th Festival Culture of Peace


An article by Emanuel Landeros, El Sol de San Luis

The Civil Association, IMA Transformando Vidas, has announced the fifth edition of its Culture of Peace festival, in support of neighborhood youth during this season.

The president of the organization, Hugo Carballo Hernández, reported that the event will take place this Sunday [December 20] in Valle Dorado, “as it is one of the neighborhoods with a high rate of violence in the capital, where home robberies, transients and drug sales have grown. ”

The activist said that the struggle today is in the neighborhoods, “where the pandemic has left many people without jobs and without bread to put in their mouth.”

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Questions for this article:

Can festivals help create peace at the community level?

Is there progress towards a culture of peace in Mexico?

He maintained that the solution lies, as it has always been, in actions, in street work, “not in promoting theories or conspiracies; Let’s stop texting, just publish on the networks, let’s make a change in your family, on your street and neighborhood, in your actions in life”.

Likewise, he added that a Culture of Peace workshop will be held, focused on children, and that the researcher Julio Ceballos will give a self-defense workshop for women.

He invited members of other collectives and groups to join the activities of the organization he presides.

The festival will conclude, he said, with the concert of the Imperio de la Cumbia musical group, which will take place with all preventive measures in accordance with the health protocol for Covid-19.

Finally, Carballo Hernández said: “Let’s learn to be citizens in times of pandemic, let’s reflect on how we can start to change our world, and let’s remember that good actions produce good returns.”