Mexico: SSPC meets with 217 Networks of Women Peacebuilders


An article from La Jornada (translation by CPNN)

The Secretariat for Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC) held a meeting with 217 members of the Networks of Women Peace Builders (MUCPAZ), in order to inform them about the progress in the commitment acquired with the United Nations (UN), in the fight against discrimination and gender violence.

Members of the MUCPAZ Peacebuilding Women Network during a meeting in Tuxtla Gutiérrez. Photo taken from the Twitter account @nadgasman

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The meeting was led by the head of the National Center for Crime Prevention and Citizen Participation (CNPDyPC), Luis García López Guerrero, who explained to the attendees the strategy to combat family violence and promote a culture of peace.

“The comprehensive strategy to prevent and address family and gender violence consists of five components: Networks of Peacebuilders Women (MUCPAZ Networks); sensitization; care, support and channeling; training and job placement; and improvement and appropriation of areas and / or community spaces with a gender perspective, ”the official explained.

Currently, a total of 6,510 women are members of the MUCPAZ, forming collaborative work groups with public and citizen institutions to multiply peace processes at the municipal and local level.

The representative of UN Women in Mexico, Belén Sanz Luque, who participated in this virtual meeting, also recognized the importance of the Women Peacebuilders Program.