London: Confronting a world at war conference


An article by Stop the War Coalition

This crucial post-election conference on Saturday 6 June in London will bring together leading anti-war writers, campaigners and experts from Britain and around the world including Mustafa Barghouti, Medea Benjamin, Tariq Ali and Explo Nani Kofi.


Defense policy has become a big issue in this election. Millions of people believe Britain needs a foreign policy u-turn. 14 years of the War on Terror have caused carnage and chaos in the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and beyond. This is a chance to discuss the causes and consequences of serial war and how we can resist it.

The world is a much more dangerous place than it looked fourteen years ago, before the launch of the War on Terror.  The Middle East is in flames as a result of a series of Western interventions. The War on Terror has in fact spread violence and instability across an arc from Central Asia through the Middle East and into the African continent.

Meanwhile, great power confrontation has returned to Europe as NATO has pushed progressively Eastwards towards the Russian border, triggering crisis and civil war in Ukraine. Confronting a World at War brings together key writers, campaigners and politicians to analyse this alarming situation and to discuss and plan how the anti-war movement should respond.

Sessions include:
• Where did ISIS come from?
• Frontline Ukraine – NATO pushes East
• The return of the neocons
• Divide and conquer? The US and Latin America
• Trident: Scrapping the deadly deterrent
• Saudi Arabia: Frankenstein’s monster in the Middle East
• Back East of Suez

Speakers include Tariq Ali • Medea Benjamin • Lindsey German • Seumas Milne  • Victoria Brittain • Bruce Kent • Jeremy Corbyn MP • Myriam Francois-Cerrah  • Mark Weisbrott • George Galloway MP • Explo Nani-Kofi • Kate Hudson • Jonathan Steele • Andrew Murray • Joe Lombardo • Katy Clark MP • David Edgar • Sabby DalhuLombardo • Myriam Francois-Cerrah • Mark Weisbrot • George Galloway • Kate Hudson • Jonathan Steele • Explo Nani-Kofi • Chris Nineham • Andrew Murray • John Rees • Richard Sakwa • Carol Turner • Sami Ramadani • Judith Orr • Malia Bouattia • Steve Bell • Matt Willgress and others.

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